This is an ORIGINAL Double sided SCREENING PROGRAM measuring 7-1/2" x 10-1/2" featuring a great PHOTO Cover, and it opens up to cast and credit list inside with production notes and Photo scenes from the film, and the cover features a sexy shot of JANE FONDA from the 1963 drama Romance from M.G.M. Metro-Goldwyn Mayer,


Old friends Murray Logan and Sam Bonner both work for Atlantic House, a publishing firm, in its London and New York offices respectively. Both are in dysfunctional marriages, but for different reasons. Murray and his wife Sybil married ten years ago because she found out she was pregnant. Seven years ago, Murray was the driver when they got into a car accident, which resulted in Sybil being hospitalized for four months leaving her with a permanent scar on her face (which she hides behind her hair) and their son being killed. Since, Sybil has had a bitter attitude toward life, especially toward Murray, as witnessed by her decision to be largely a shut-in, hiding herself and her scar from the world. Sam's wife, Christine, is a physically and emotionally weak woman, she having a chronic respiratory problem which has required two surgeries to date. Sam smothers Christine in his love for her. Christine, in return, rebels against that over-protectiveness. Although Christine does leave Sam temporarily, she does return to him as he gives in to her demands to do some of the things she wants to do in life, such as travel, most specifically to Greece. Sam, in some respects, is an extension of Christine's overbearing mother, Nina Gellert, in that coddling. Christine believes her mother ruined her and her sister's lives. Christine avoids her mother at all cost. Murray and Christine meet for the first time when Murray makes a business trip to New York. There is an immediate attraction and bond between the two, in part because of their joint fascination with Greece. Christine asks Murray and Sybil to travel to Greece with her and Sam. Sybil surprisingly agrees, but because of last minute commitments, Sam has to delay his arrival to Greece if he can make it at all. As Sybil works on her own agenda in Greece, Murray and Christine spend much of their time there alone together, and in turn fall in love. That love may be broken by an act by Sybil and what Murray and Christine will eventually learn is a concerned Nina trying to track them down in Greece.

Director: Robert Stevens

Writers: Meade Roberts (screenplay), Susan Ertz (novel)

Stars: Peter Finch, Jane Fonda, Angela Lansbury

The entire cast included:

Peter Finch ... Murray Logan
Jane Fonda ... Christine Bonner
Angela Lansbury ... Sybil Logan
Arthur Hill ... Sam Bonner
Constance Cummings ... Mrs. Nina Gellert
Alexander Knox ... Frederick Bonner
Nigel Davenport ... Leonard Groves
John Le Mesurier ... Dr. Arraman
Alec McCowen ... Dickie Bayliss
Valerie Taylor ... Lily Kendrick
Andreas Markos ... Andreas

This was only given out at the premiere of the film. Nice collectible if you enjoy classic Hollywood or Jane Fonda

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MORE INFO ON JANE FONDA: Born in New York City to legendary screen star Henry Fonda and New York socialite Frances Seymour Brokaw, Jane Seymour Fonda was destined early to an uncommon and influential life in the limelight. Although she initially showed little inclination to follow her father's trade, she was prompted by Joshua Logan to appear with her father in the 1954 Omaha Community Theatre production of "The Country Girl". Her interest in acting grew after meeting Lee Strasberg in 1958 and joining the Actors Studio. Her screen debut in Tall Story (1960) (directed by Logan) marked the beginning of a highly successful and respected acting career highlighted by two Academy Award s (for her performances in Klute (1971) and Coming Home (1978)) and five Oscar nominations (for Best Actress in They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969), Julia (1977), The Morning After (1986) and On Golden Pond (1981), which was the only film she made with her father). Her professional success contrasted with her personal life, which was often laden with scandal and controversy. Her appearance in several risque movies (including Barbarella (1968), directed by her then-husband Roger Vadim ) was followed by what was to become her most debated and controversial period: her espousal of anti-establishment causes and especially her anti-war activities during the Vietnam War. Her political involvement continued with fellow activist and husband Tom Hayden in the 1970s and early 1980s. In the 1980s she started the aerobic exercise craze with the publication of the "Jane Fonda's Workout Book". She and Hayden divorced, and she married broadcasting mogul Ted Turner in 1991.

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JANE FONDA Sexy IN THE COOL OF THE DAY Screening PROGRAM Peter Finch M.G.M. 1963
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