This is an ORIGINAL 7" x 9" NBC Network Press Photo. It has press info stamped on the back. It features KENNETH MARSHALL and Antonella Murgia. This Photo was used to promote the 1982 mini-series


The life and experiences of the 13th-century explorer, who sought to connect the civilizations of China and Europe through trade.

Stars: Ken Marshall, Denholm Elliott, Tony Vogel


Ken Marshall ... Marco Polo (8 episodes, 1982-1983)
Denholm Elliott ... Niccolò Polo (8 episodes, 1982-1983)
Tony Vogel ... Matteo Polo (8 episodes, 1982-1983)
David Warner ... Rustichello (7 episodes, 1982-1983)
F. Murray Abraham ... Jacopo (6 episodes, 1982-1983)
Mario Adorf ... Giovanni (6 episodes, 1982-1983)
Patrick Mower ... Brother Damian (6 episodes, 1982-1983)
Ruocheng Ying ... Kublai Khan (5 episodes, 1982-1983)
Beulah Quo ... Empress Chabi (4 episodes, 1982-1983)
Jun'ichi Ishida ... Prince Chinkin (4 episodes, 1982-1983)
James Hong ... Phags-pa (4 episodes, 1982-1983)
Gordon Mitchell ... Arnolfo (4 episodes, 1982-1983)
Leonard Nimoy ... Achmet (3 episodes, 1983)
Bruno Zanin ... Giulio (3 episodes, 1982)
John Dicks ... Brother Philip (3 episodes, 1982-1983)
Lin Lao ... Bayan (3 episodes, 1983)
Ian McShane ... Ali Ben Yussouf (2 episodes, 1982)
Sada Thompson ... Aunt Flora (2 episodes, 1982)

Photo is in nice shape has TV time and date information stamped onm the back. Nice if you collect original network press photos!

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MORE INFO ON KENNETH MARSHALL: Kenneth Marshall (born June 27, 1950 in New York City) is an American actor. He is probably best known for his portrayal of the character Michael Eddington in the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and his starring role as Prince/King Colwyn in Krull (1983). He played the title role in Giuliano Montaldo's 1982 television miniseries Marco Polo, and also appeared in films such as Tilt (1979) with Brooke Shields, La Pelle (1981), and Feds (1988).

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MARCO POLO Original KENNETH MARSHALL Ken NBC Network Press PHOTO Mini-series '82
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