This is an ORIGINAL 7" x 9" NBC Network Press Photo. It has press info stamped on the back. It features Dean Martin's son, DEAN PAUL MARTIN and KEVIN PETER HALL. This Photo was used to promote the 1985 Science Fiction series,


The adventures of a team of misfit superheroes who fight crime for a scientific think tank. Superhero series about a group of young mutants who worked for an American thinktank fighting crime. Elvin could shrink to a size of eight inches, Gloria possessed telekinetic powers, and Johnny B was able to fire lightning bolts from his hands. Their leader was Dr. Hayes.

Creator: James D. Parriott

Stars: Dean Paul Martin, Kevin Peter Hall, Mark Thomas Miller


Dean Paul Martin ... Dr. Billy Hayes (16 episodes, 1985-1988)
Kevin Peter Hall ... Dr. Elvin 'El' Lincoln (16 episodes, 1985-1988)
Mark Thomas Miller ... John 'Johnny B' Bukowski (16 episodes, 1985-1988)
Courteney Cox ... Gloria Dinallo (16 episodes, 1985-1988)
Jennifer Holmes ... Jane Miller (15 episodes, 1985-1988)
Max Wright ... Dick Stetmeyer (15 episodes, 1985-1988)
Diane Cary ... Miss Nance (15 episodes, 1985-1988)

Photo is in nice shape has TV time and date stamped on the back. Nice if you collect original network press photos!

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MORE INFO ON DEAN PAUL MARTIN: Dean Paul Martin, Jr (November 17, 1951 "€“ March 21, 1987) was an American entertainer, noted as a tennis player, a singer and actor, and a military pilot.

Martin's parents were singer and entertainer Dean Martin and his second wife, Jeanne Biegger. Dean Paul was the fifth of Dean Martin's seven children, and was Jeanne's eldest son. He attended the Urban Military Academy in Brentwood, California. As a youth Martin was encouraged toward a singing career. At age 13 he joined Desi Arnaz Jr. and Billy Hinsche in the pop group Dino, Desi, & Billy, which had a few minor hits in the US between 1965 and 1968, landing in the Top 30 twice.

Martin began to go by his given name of Dean Paul instead of the nickname "Dino" in his late teens. He became a successful tennis player (he competed in a junior competition at Wimbledon) and an actor. He co-starred with Ali MacGraw in the 1979 film Players, starring as a professional tennis player, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award as Best New Star of the Year—Male.

He later starred in the TV series Misfits of Science which aired during the 1985-1986 television season. The series co-starred Courteney Cox.

Martin, an avid pilot, obtained his pilot's license at age 16 and became an officer in the California Air National Guard in 1981. He rose to the rank of captain. He died in 1987 when his Air National Guard F-4 Phantom jet fighter departed March Air Force Base and crashed in California's San Bernardino Mountains during a snowstorm, killing him and his Weapons Systems Officer, Captain Ramon Ortiz.

Martin is buried in the Los Angeles National Cemetery, a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs cemetery in Los Angeles, California.

Martin married actress Olivia Hussey in 1971; they had one child, Alexander, and divorced in 1978. He married Olympic gold medalist ice skater Dorothy Hamill in 1982, and they divorced in 1984.

MORE INFO ON KEVIN PETER HALL: Kevin Peter Hall (May 9, 1955 – April 10, 1991) was an American actor best known for his roles as the title character in the first two films in the Predator franchise and the title character of Harry in the film and television series, Harry and the Hendersons. He also appeared in the television series Misfits of Science and 227 along with the film, Without Warning.

Hall was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His parents were of above-average stature; his father, Charles Hall, was 6' 6", and his mother, Sylvia Hall, was 6' 2". At 7'2" (218 cm) tall, he was the tallest of seven brothers, all over 6' 5". During his high school years at Penn Hills High School, he excelled at basketball and earned a scholarship to George Washington University in Washington, D.C. In college, Hall continued to play basketball and majored in Theatrical Arts. After graduation, Hall moved to Venezuela to play basketball.

Hall made his acting debut in the 1979 horror film Prophecy. Due to his height, he was often cast in monster roles. He appeared as the alien in the 1980 horror film Without Warning and as Gorvil in the 1982 television movie Mazes and Monsters. In 1985, he co-starred in the short-lived series Misfits of Science. He guest-starred on the sitcom Night Court as a huge but gentle mental patient who humorously towered over bailiff Bull Shannon (played by Richard Moll, who is 6'8" (203 cm)) and fellow mental patient; played by James Cromwell (who is 6'7" (201 cm)). The next year, Hall portrayed yet another monster in the horror film Monster in the Closet, followed by the role of Harry in Harry and the Hendersons.

In 1986, Hall was cast as the main antagonist in Predator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. During its developmental stages, the Predator was going to be played by Jean-Claude Van Damme, who played the Predator for the first few scenes but was not billed in the end credits. The producers decided to recast the role with Hall so that the Predator could more convincingly dominate the film's human characters with its greater size. Hall would go on to reprise the role in the 1990 sequel.

Following his role in Predator, Hall appeared in the film Big Top Pee-wee (1988) and had a guest spot on Star Trek: The Next Generation. From 1989 to 1990, he had a recurring role on the NBC sitcom 227. In 1990, Hall reprised his role as Harry in the television series Harry and the Hendersons, based on the 1987 film of the same name. He died during the series' first season.

Hall met actress Alaina Reed while taping a guest spot on the television show 227. The couple would marry both on the show and in real life. His nephew Jamie Hall, is a stunt performer, who is best known as the Polar Bear performer in the Unatural horror/thriller film .4While working on the TV series Harry and the Hendersons, Hall announced that he had contracted HIV from a blood transfusion. He died from AIDS-related pneumonia on April 10, 1991. He was 35 years old.

Hall was posthumously inducted into the Penn Hills Hall of Fame as part of the inaugural class on May 8, 2009

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MISFITS OF SCIENCE Dean Paul Martin NBC Network Press PHOTO Kevin Peter Hall '85
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