This is a black & white M.G.M. Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Cardstock Photograph measuring 7" x 10", from famed MGM Photographer LASZLOW WILLINGER. It is stamped on the back, PLEASE CREDIT M-G-M PHOTO by WILLINGER and a studio # 7221. It is of actress and starlet of the 1940's,


This photo features the actress in a fashion photo on a college university campus. It is all original and OVER 70 Years old!

It is a great vintage photo for the vintage Hollywood Lover or for MGM collectibles!

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MORE INFO ON RUTH HUSSEY: Ruth Carol Hussey (October 30, 1911 - April 19, 2005) was an American actress best known for her Academy Award-nominated role as photographer Elizabeth Imbrie in The Philadelphia Story.

Hussey was born in Providence, Rhode Island, October 30, 1911. She was also known as Ruth Carol O'Rourke Her father, George R. Hussey, died of the Spanish flu in 1918 when she was seven years old. Ten years later, her mother married a family friend, William O'Rourke, who had worked at the family's mail-order silver enterprise.

Following graduation from the Providence public schools, she went on to study art at Pembroke College, graduating in 1936. She never landed a role in any of the plays for which she tried out at Pembroke. She then received a degree in theatre from the University of Michigan School of Drama, and worked as an actress with a summer stock company in Michigan for two seasons. She also attended Boston Business College and Michigan School of Drama.

After working as an actress in summer stock, she returned to Providence and worked as a radio fashion commentator on a local station. She wrote the ad copy for a Providence clothing store and read it on the radio each afternoon. She was encouraged by a friend to try out for acting roles at the Providence Playhouse. The theater director there turned her down, saying the roles were cast only out of New York City. Later that week, she journeyed to New York City and on her first day there, she signed with a talent agent who booked her for a role in a play starting the next day back at the Providence Playhouse.

In New York City, she also worked for a time as a model. She then landed a number of stage roles with touring companies. Dead End toured the country in 1937 and the last theater on the road trip was at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, where she was spotted on opening night by MGM talent scout Billy Grady. MGM signed her to a players contract and she made her film debut in 1937. She quickly became a leading lady in MGM's "B" unit, usually playing sophisticated, worldly roles. For a 1940 "A" picture role, she was nominated for an Academy Award for her turn as Elizabeth Imbrie, the cynical magazine photographer and almost-girlfriend of James Stewart's character Macaulay Connor in The Philadelphia Story. In 1941, exhibitors voted her the third-most popular new star in Hollywood.

Hussey also worked with Robert Taylor in Flight Command (1940), Robert Young in H.M. Pulham, Esq. (1941), Van Heflin in Tennessee Johnson (1942), Ray Milland in The Uninvited (1944), and Alan Ladd in The Great Gatsby (1949).

In 1946, she starred on Broadway in the Pulitzer Prize-winning play State of the Union. Her 1949 role in Goodbye, My Fancy on Broadway caused a Billboard reviewer to write: "Miss Hussey brings a splendid aliveness and warmth to the lovely congresswoman ... "

She filled in for Jean Arthur in the 1955 Lux Radio Theater presentation of Shane, playing Miriam Start, alongside original film stars Alan Ladd and Van Heflin.

In 1960, she co-starred in The Facts of Life with Bob Hope. Hussey was also active in early television drama.

On August 9, 1942, Hussey married talent agent and radio producer C. Robert "Bob" Longenecker (1909-2002) at Mission San Antonio de Pala in north San Diego County, California. Longenecker was born and raised in Lititz, Pennsylvania. They raised three children: George Robert Longenecker, John William Longenecker, and Mary Elizabeth Hendrix.

Following the birth of her children, Hussey focused much of her attention on family activities, and in 1964, designed a family cabin in the mountain community of Lake Arrowhead, California. In 1967, she was inducted into the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame.

In 1977, she and her husband moved from their Brentwood family home to Rancho Carlsbad in Carlsbad, California. Her husband died in 2002 shortly after celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

Her son John Longenecker works as a cinematographer and film director. He won an Academy Award for producing a live-action short film The Resurrection of Broncho Billy (1970).

MORE INFO ON LASLOW WILLINGER: Born in 1909 in Budapest, Hungary Laszlo Willinger was a photographer most noted for his portrait photography of movie stars and celebrities during the 1930s and 1940s.

Willinger's father owned a news agency, his mother was a photographer. He learned photography from them.

After studying in Berlin, Willinger established his first photographic studio in Paris in 1929. In 1931, he established a second one in Berlin. At the same time, he worked as a freelance photojournalist for Berliner Illustrierte, Hamburger Illustrierte, and Munchener Illustrierte, stringer for London Daily Express and Keystone View, and at Talbot Studio, Paris, as advertising and portrait photographer. Subjects include Josephine Baker, President Paul Doumer, Sacha Guitry, and Yvonne Printemps. (What a busy little bee.)

In 1932 he made his first visit to America on an assignment for Mercedes-Benz. Wouldn't you love to see some of those car pictures? Sadly, I can't find any.

He left Berlin in 1933 when Adolf Hitler became Chancellor, (who wouldn't?) and settled in Vienna, where he quickly established another studio. Between 1933 and 1937 he was unable to obtain the necessary permits, (because Adolf was in charge? not sure) so any photographs reproduced in German photo annuals during this period were credited to his mother, Margaret Willinger. (Again, I would love to see some of these pictures.) Despite this, he began to photograph such celebrities as Marlene Dietrich, Hedy Lamarr, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and documented the stage productions of Max Reinhardt.

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RUTH HUSSEY Original M.G.M. Laszlo Willinger MGM Photo METRO GOLDWYN MAYER 40's
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