This is an ORIGINAL 7-1/2" x 10-2/3" TV NEWS Magazine from Manhattan New York area. It is dated November 1-7, 1986. It is OVER 30 Years old!

It features a photo image of CHARLIES ANGELS star, JACLYN SMITH and WHITE SHADOW Dynasty star, KEN HOWARD. In side, there is a small article promote the 1986 NBC mini-series sequel,


The Story Continues

When a mobster is about to be indicted, one of his people James Moretti thinks he can get to Adam Warner, the vice President to stop it. So he arranges for lawyer Jeniffer Parker to get a job at a prestigious law firm. He knows Parker had an affair with Warner and Warner is the father of her son. When she meets him, she has nothing but contempt for him because his brother tried to kill he. Moretti thinks that Parker owes him so he tells her to tell Warner to stop the indictment. Parker reconnects with Warner much to the consternation of his wife.

Director: Paul Wendkos

Writers: Robert L. Joseph, Sidney Sheldon (characters)

Stars: Jaclyn Smith, Ken Howard, Michael Nouri


Jaclyn Smith ... Jennifer Parker
Ken Howard ... Adam J. Warner
Michael Nouri ... James Moretti
Susan Sullivan ... Mary Beth Warner
Mason Adams ... Father Francis Ryan
Linda Dano ... Margot Delefont
Brad Dourif ... Seymour Bourne
Michael Woods ... Deak Farmer
Paul Roebling ... Jeremy Simmons
Ronald Hunter ... Robert Di Salva
Paul Shenar ... Jerry Worth
Angela Lansbury ... Marchesa Allabrandi
Philip Bosco ... Thomas Colfax
Danny Gerard ... Joshua Parker
Michael O'Hare ... Dennis Callahan

Great Item OVER 30 years old!!!!, with all the old programming for New York City! Nice item for the Charlie's Angels fan.

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MORE INFO ON JACLYN SMITH: Jaclyn Smith was born Jaclyn Ellen Smith on October 26, 1945 in Houston, Texas. She graduated from high school and originally aspired to be a famous ballerina. In 1973, she landed a job as a Breck shampoo model. In 1976, she was offered a chance to star in a new pilot for a planned television series, entitled "Charlie's Angels" (1976). The pilot was slick and the show was an instant hit when it debuted on September 22, 1976 on ABC. Smith has the distinct honor of being the only Angel *not* to leave the show in its entire five-season run (1976-1981). After "Charlie's Angels" (1976), she went the TV-movie route and starred in such TV films as Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (1981) (TV), and such miniseries as "The Bourne Identity" (1988), Rage of Angels (1983) (TV) and Windmills of the Gods (1988) (TV). She has had her own extremely successful clothing line at KMart since 1985, and is often a spokesperson. She has two children from her third marriage to Anthony B. Richmond (they divorced in 1989).

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