This is an Original black & white Photograph measuring 8" x 10" from Universal Studios. It is ALMOST 80 YEARS OLD!

This photo features Claudia Morgan and William Lundigan in a romantic embrace to promote the 1937 mystery music drama,


A reporter desperate for a story tries to interview a gangster's girlfriend jailed in a small town. He gets himself thrown in the same jail and runs into a female reporter with the same idea, but thinks she is the girlfriend he wants to interview.

Director: Sidney Salkow

Writers: Van Terrys Perlman (novel), Barry Trivers (screenplay)

Stars: Claudia Morgan, William Lundigan, Herbert Mundin


Claudia Morgan ... Janet Marlowe
William Lundigan ... Howard Field
Herbert Mundin ... Hiram
Hobart Cavanaugh ... Sheriff Otis
Bernadene Hayes ... Bonnie Rand
Eddie Garr ... Jenks
Ralph Morgan ... Carter
Harlan Briggs ... Sheriff Allen
Edward Gargan ... John
Henry Hunter ... Foster
Charles C. Wilson ... Cummings
Charles Trowbridge ... B.L. Martin
Sam Hayes ... Announcer
Arthur Housman ... Drunk
Murray Alper ... Blackie

It is a nice photo in good shape for its age, if you like vintage Hollywood!

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MORE INFO ON CLAUDIA MORGAN: Claudia Morgan (June 12, 1912 - September 17, 1974) was an American film, television and radio actress. She was best known for playing the role of Vera Claythorne in the first Broadway production of Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians and for her portrayal of Nora Charles on the 1940s radio series, The Adventures of the Thin Man.

Born in Brooklyn, New York as Claudeigh Louise Wuppermann, Morgan was the daughter of actors Ralph Morgan and Grace Arnold and the niece of actor Frank Morgan. She attended Ely Court School in Greenwich, Connecticut.

A member of the cast of more than 30 Broadway plays, Morgan starred in The Man Who Came to Dinner and Ten Little Indians. She eventually was fired from her role in Indians because her work in The Adventures of the Thin Man on radio caused a delay in the stage production every Friday night.

She also played in The Apple Cart, and The Sun Field.

Her first film role was in 1932, and her last performance was a small role in The World of Henry Orient (1964).

Morgan appeared on Kraft Television Theatre and Robert Montgomery Presents.

Morgan was known for playing Nora Charles in The Adventures of the Thin Man. She was married to radio announcer and actor Ernest Chappell, and performed with him on the late 1940s radio program, "Quiet Please." In 1941, she joined the cast of The O'Neills, in the role of Laura Penway. She was also a regular on David Harum, Ford Theatre, Joyce Jordan, M.D., Lone Journey, We Love and Learn,and The Right to Happiness.

In 1931, Morgan married Talbott Cummings. They had been married only about a year when she sought a divorce. Morgan and aviator/explorer Robert Shippee wed July 22, 1934. She married Phil Ormsby, an actor and architect, August 2, 1938.

MORE INFO ON WILLIAM LUNDIGAN: William Lundigan (June 12, 1914 - December 20, 1975) was an American film actor. His more than 125 films include Dodge City (1939), The Fighting 69th (1940), The Sea Hawk (1940), Santa Fe Trail (1940), Dishonored Lady (1947), Pinky (1949), Love Nest (1951) with Marilyn Monroe, The House on Telegraph Hill (1951), I'd Climb the Highest Mountain (1951) and Inferno (1953).

Growing up in Syracuse, New York, Lundigan was the oldest of four sons. His father, Michael F. Lundigan, owned a shoe store (at which Lundigan worked) in the same building as a local radio station, WFBL. Becoming fascinated by radio, he was playing child roles on radio and producing radio plays at 16.

A graduate of Nottingham High School, Lundigan studied law at Syracuse University, earning money as a radio announcer at WFBL. He graduated and passed the bar examination before events changed his career path. A Universal Pictures production chief heard Lundigan's voice, met him, arranged a screen test and signed him to a motion picture contract in 1937.

Moving over to MGM, Lundigan's last film before enlisting in the U.S. Marine Corps in World War II was Salute to the Marines. He served as a combat cameraman in the Battle of Peleliu and the Battle of Okinawa returning at war's end as a Corporal.

Lundigan was host for Climax! and Shower of Stars. From September 30, 1959, to September 7, 1960, Lundigan portrayed Col. Edward McCauley in the CBS television series, Men into Space.

In 1963 and 1964, Lundigan joined fellow actors Walter Brennan, Chill Wills, and Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., in making appearances on behalf of U.S. Senator Barry M. Goldwater, the Republican nominee in the campaign against U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson.

He once had an unsuccessful campaign for a seat on the City Council of Los Angeles, California.

Lundigan married Rena Morgan. They had a daughter, Anastasia.

Lundigan died of apparent heart failure on December 20, 1975, at Hope Medical Center in Duarte, California. He was survived by his wife and daughter.

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THAT'S MY STORY! Original PHOTO Claudia Morgan WILLIAM LUNDIGAN Universal 1937
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