This is an ORIGINAL Autograph Scrapbook Page measuring 4" x 5" from the 1930's & 40's of Tennis Player, actor and Brooke Shield's grandfather,


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MORE INFO ON FRANK SHIELDS: Francis Xavier Alexander "Frank" Shields, Sr. (November 18, 1909 – August 19, 1975) was an amateur American tennis player of the 1920s and 1930s and an actor known for Hooiser Schoolboy (1937).

Between 1928 and 1945 he was ranked eight times in the U.S. Top Ten, reaching No. 1 in 1933, and No. 2 in 1930. He was ranked World No. 5 in 1930 by A. Wallis Myers of The Daily Telegraph. Shields defaulted to Sidney Wood in the singles final of Wimbledon in 1931 due to an ankle injury he had sustained in winning his semi-final match against France's "Musketeer" Jean Borotra, and this was the only time in the history of a Grand-Slam event singles final that the event was won by default.

He competed for the Davis Cup in 1931, 1932, and 1934, winning 19 of 25 matches. He was left off the team for his erratic playing in 1933. Shields was the non-playing captain in 1951, when the team won four matches.

Shields had his issues both with interactions with other players, and with alcohol. In the late 1930s, Shields was known for making fun of the US tennis star Bryan Grant, the smallest American to win an international championship, saying "the little shaver" was hiding behind the net. Once a drunk Shields held Grant upside down, outside a hotel window.

Singles (2 runners-up)

Outcome Year Championship Surface Opponent Score

Runner-up 1930 U.S. Championships Grass United States John Doeg 8–10, 6–1, 4–6, 14–16

Runner-up 1931 Wimbledon Grass United States Sidney Wood walkover

Doubles (1 runner-up)[edit]

Outcome Year Championship Surface Partner Opponents Score

Runner-up 1933 U.S. Championships Grass United States Frank Parker United States George Lott

United States Lester Stoefen 13–11, 7–9, 7–9, 3"??6

Mixed doubles (1 runner-up)[edit]

Outcome Year Championship Surface Partner Opponents Score

Runner-up 1930 U.S. Championships Grass United States Marjorie Morrill United States Edith Cross

United States Wilmer Allison 4–6, 4–6

In 1932, Shields married Rebecca Tenney (1910 - 2005).

In 1940, he married his second wife, Marina Torlonia di Civitella-Cesi (1916 - 1960). Marina was the daughter of Marino Torlonia, 4th prince of Civitella-Cesi (1861–1933) and Mary Elsie Moore (1888–1941), an American heiress. Marina's brother was Alessandro Torlonia, 5th Prince di Civitella-Cesi (1911–1986), the husband of the Spanish Infanta Beatriz de Borbσn (1909–2002). Shields had two children with Marina Torlonia:

Francis Xavier Alexander, Jr. (1941 - 2003), the father of actress-model Brooke Shields (b. 1965)

Cristiana Marina Shields (b. 1943)

Shields and Torlonia divorced and in 1950 she married Edward W. Slater.

In 1949, he married Katharine Mortimer (1923 - 2003), the daughter of financier Stanley Grafton Mortimer, Sr. She had previously been married to Oliver Cadwell Biddle, with whom she had a daughter, Christine Mortimer Biddle, who became a stepdaughter to Shields. Shields had three children with Mortimer:

Katharine Shields

William "Willy" Xavier Orin Hunt Shields (1949-2016)

Alston Shields.

Shields and Mortimer divorced and in 1962 she married Richard Gillespie Blaine.

After two heart attacks and a stroke, he died at 65 of a third heart attack, in a Manhattan taxi. He was the grandfather of Brooke Shields, Morgan Christina Shields, and Holton Joseph Shields.

Shields appeared in the following films:

Murder in the Fleet – 1935 as "Lieutenant Arnold"

I Live My Life – 1935 as "outer office secretary"

Come and Get It – 1936 – as "Tony Schwerke"

Affairs of Cappy Ricks – 1937 – as "Waldo Bottomley, Jr."

Hoosier Schoolboy – 1937 – as "Jack Matthews. Jr."

Dead End – 1937 – as "well-dressed man"

The Goldwyn Follies – 1938 – as "assistant director"

Shields was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island in 1964.

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FRANK SHIELDS Original SIGNED in PERSON Autograph PAGE Francis Xavier Alexander
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