This is an ORIGINAL 1-Sheet Movie Poster measuring 27" x 421" from UNITED ARTISTS. It is OVER 60 years old. It has border tears slight creases on poster and light tack marks from use. Very Vintage looking. This poster was used to promote the 1956 Film-Noir Crime Drama,

Crime Against Joe

A disreputable Korean War veteran is suspected of murder.

Joe Manning returned from the Korean War a changed man and became a Bohemian artist, supported by his understanding mother and distrusted by others. On a drunken binge, Joe flirts with torch singer Irene Crescent, who is later found dead by the hand of the town's serial killer ... and Joe's the prime suspect. No one will help Joe except carhop 'Slacks'. Can they find the real killer before he finds them?

Director: Lee Sholem

Writers: Robert C. Dennis (screenplay), Decla Dunning (story)

Stars: John Bromfield, Julie London, Henry Calvin


John Bromfield ... Joe Manning
Julie London ... Frances 'Slacks' Bennett
Henry Calvin ... Red Waller
Patricia Blair ... Christine 'Christy' Rowen (as Patricia Blake)
Joel Ashley ... Philip Rowen
Robert Keys ... Detective Sgt. Hollander (as Robert Keyes)
Alika Louis ... Irene Crescent
John Pickard ... Harry Dorn, Bartender
Frances Morris ... Nora Manning
Rhodes Reason ... George Niles
Mauritz Hugo ... Dr. Louis Tatreau, Psychiatrist
Joyce Jameson ... Gloria Wayne
Morgan Jones ... Luther Woods
James Parnell ... Ralph Corey
Addison Richards ... District Attorney Roy Kasden

Its a classic Vintage Poster for fans of the stars of this film or Film-Noir!

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MORE INFO ON JULIE LONDON: Julie London was an actress & sultry singer who starred in a number of movies in the 1940s & '50s before beginning a popular singing career, but is probably best remembered for her role as Nurse Dixie McCall on "Emergency!" (1972) in the '70s. Known for her wonderful sex appeal throughout her career, even well up into her late 40s, she had a career most people can only dream of.

Julie started out by playing small parts in the early 1940s and quickly became a leading actress and G.I. pin-up girl. In 1947, she married actor Jack Webb prior to his fame in "Dragnet" (1951), and went into semi-retirement, doing few films and even taking a break between 1951 - 1955. After she and Jack divorced in the mid-'50s, she became a jazz/pop singer, managed and groomed by jazz musician/actor Bobby Troup who became her second husband in 1959 and later, partner on the small screen. Ironically, when former hubby Jack Webb became the producer of "Emergency!" (1972), he hired not only Julie but her then-husband, Bobby, and they starred together in her most recognizable role. Many people also remember Julie and Bobby's appearances together in the '70s on the TV game show featuring Hollywood married couples, "Tattletales" (1974) with host Bert Convy.

She was most popular as a singer was in the late '50s, when she set aside her full-time film career to concentrate on her singing career. Over 40 albums were released, and her vocal style was endeared by many core fans. Her last recording was an excellent cover of the classic tune "My Funny Valentine" on the soundtrack to the Burt Reynolds neo-noir detective flick Sharky's Machine (1981).

After suffering a stroke in 1995, her health began to deteriorate. In 1999, husband Bobby died, and her own passing followed later in October 2000. She left a legacy of a satisfying screen career and a lot of wonderful music that will live forever. Julie had two daughters with Jack Webb and a daughter and twin sons with Bobby Troup.

MORE INFO ON JOHN BROMFIELD: The name may be hard-pressed to anyone but the most devoted film buffs, but dark-haired actor John Bromfield was a "B"-level leading man during the late 1950s. Possessed with a fine build and square-faced handsomeness, he was somewhat of a blend between Steve Cochran and Rory Calhoun, both 1950s hunks. During his heyday, John headlined a handful of mediocre sci-fi programmers, melodramas and westerns and was often seen in skimpy outfits (especially a swim suit) that showed off his fine physique. Born in South Bend, Indiana, in 1922 and christened Farron Bromfield, his strong athleticism and good looks were not lost on the picture business. By age 26 he was in Hollywood and a contractee of Paramount. His first feature film came in the form of a small role in the Barbara Stanwyck/Burt Lancaster film noir tingler Sorry, Wrong Number (1948) for Paramount. Following the minor documentary/adventure Harpoon (1948) at Paramount, he made his third film, Rope of Sand (1949). There he met his first wife, the delectable French actress Corinne Calvet, who was a co-star on the film and just starting to create an international stir. The couple married shortly after completing the film in 1948. The pairing proved beneficial for Bromfield and his career but the marriage itself lasted only five years. A featured performer in the early 1950s, he earned leading man status by 1955, but it was a very brief tenure. The pictures themselves were hardly the talk of the town, including The Big Bluff (1955), Frontier Gambler (1956), Three Bad Sisters (1956), Quincannon, Frontier Scout (1956), Manfish (1956) and Hot Cars (1956), and most of them fell by the wasteside. One of his films, however, managed to earn sci-fi "cult" status -- Revenge of the Creature (1955). At around this time he fell for dancer Larri Thomas while on the set of Curucu, Beast of the Amazon (1956) and married her shortly after filming. Following his last movie (and 20th feature) in Crime Against Joe (1956) with sultry singer Julie London, he switched mediums and corralled the title role (and mild stardom) in the syndicated TV western series "Sheriff of Cochise" (1956), which was later retitled "U.S. Marshal" during its third season. In 1959, his second marriage ended after only 3 years and his western series soon bit the dust as well. Unfulfilled with his life as an actor, John abruptly retired in 1960, finding renewed interest as a commercial fisherman. A hunting enthusiast most his life, he was an emcee at Chicago's annual Sportsman's Show in the 1980s. Not much else was heard until his recent passing from kidney failure on September 18, 2005, at the age of 83. He is survived by his third wife.

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CRIME AGAINST JOE Film Noir 1-Sheet Poster JULIE LONDON John Bromfield 1956 Film
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