From the 1930's This is an original vintage black and white photo from the OUR GANG series created by Hal Roach for MGM. This photo is OVER 80 YEARS OLD!!!

It's a publicity Photo direct from the HAL ROACH STUDIOS, stamped on the back, PHOTO BY STAX.

Its a great portrait photograph of former OUR GANG star,


This photo is stamped on the back PHOTO by STAX and also is stamped "FATTY" JOE COBB Member of Hal Roach's ORIGINAL "Our Gang."

Photo measures 8 x 10" does have slight yellowing for over 80 years old.

It's a nice photo! Great photo for fans of the Little Rascals, Joe Cobb or HAL ROACH Collector!

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MORE INFO ON JOE COBB: Joe Frank Cobb (November 7, 1916 May 21, 2002) was an American child actor, most notable for appearing as the original "fat boy" in the Our Gang comedies from 1922 to 1929. Some sources such as the first edition (1977) of Our Gang: The Life and Times of the Little Rascals documented him as being born in 1916 or 1917.

Born in Shawnee, Oklahoma on November 7, 1916, Cobb auditioned for producer Hal Roach's Our Gang comedy series at the age of five in 1921. He joined the gang in early 1923 after starting production the fall of 1922. His first silent short was The Champeen in January 1923. Cobb appeared in the Our Gang series' last silent film, Saturday's Lesson, and its first talking short, Small Talk, both in 1929. Although Small Talk was released June 15, 1929, Saturday's Lesson was released November 9, 1929.

He was a recognizable character, with chubby cheeks and a trademark beanie cap. Some sources indicate that his final film with the Gang was Bouncing Babies; however, he does not appear onscreen in that short. His last film as a regular cast member was the previous entry Boxing Gloves in 1929 when he was 12. In all he appeared in 86 Our Gang episodes during the seven years from 1922 to 1929. Cobb also appeared in three cameo appearances during the 1930s, Fish Hooky in 1933, Pay as You Exit in 1936, and Reunion in Rhythm in 1937.

After his acting career ended in the early 1940s, Cobb became an assembler for North American Aviation, a division of Rockwell International in Downey, California. He retired in 1981 at age 65.

Cobb died of natural causes on May 21, 2002 in Santa Ana, California.

MORE INFO ON HAL ROACH: Hal Roach was born in Elmira, New York in 1892. After working as, among other things, a gold prospector, he wound up in Hollywood and began picking up jobs as an extra in comedies, where he met comedian Harold Lloyd. He began producing, directing and writing a series of short film comedies starring Lloyd around 1915. These were quite successful, and Roach started his own production company and eventually bought his own studio. By the early 1920s he had eclipsed Mack Sennett as the King of Comedy and created many of the most memorable comic series of all time, even by today's standards. These include the team of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase and The Little Rascals. By the late 1930s Roach's formula for success was jeopardized by audience demands for bigger, feature-length productions, and he was forced to try his hand at making full-length screwball comedies, musicals and dramas, although he still kept turning out two-reel comedies. By the 1950s he was producing mainly for television. In 1983 his company developed the first successful digital colorization process. Roach then became a producer for many TV series on the Disney Channel, and his company still produces most of their films and videos.

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JOE COBB Original HAL ROACH Portrait OUR GANG PHOTO by STAX Little Rascals FATTY
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