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This Studio document is all typed, It came DIRECT from the HAL ROACH STUDIOS.

It is the advertisement information for the Taxi Boys 1932 Comedy film short,


Billy and Ben continually make a mess of things, having multiple accidents with their Taxi. The night and next morning in the lives of a taxi driver and a couple who's eloping. The groom doesn't want to wake his bride's father on the night of the elopement, but Ben the cabbie gets a few things wrong. Next morning, after the wedding, while the newlyweds nap in the back seat, Ben has traffic problems. When he can't get the hack started, the police insist he push the cab out of the way. Not wanting to wake the couple, he gets help from Billy, a fellow cabbie, and the push turns into an adventure that ends in court.

Director: Del Lord

Stars: Ben Blue, Billy Gilbert, Billy Bletcher


Ben Blue ... Ben Blue
Billy Gilbert ... Billy Gilbert
Billy Bletcher ... The District Attorney
James C. Morton ... Judge J. A. Morton

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MORE INFO ON BILLY GILBERT: Billy Gilbert (September 12, 1894 - September 23, 1971) was an American and actor known for his comic routines.

Born William Gilbert Barron in , the child of singers with the , he began working in at the age of 12.

Gilbert was spotted by who was in the audience of Gilbert's show Sensations of 1929. Laurel went back stage to meet Gilbert and was so impressed by him he introduced him to comedy producer . Gilbert was employed as a gag writer, actor and director, and at the age of 35 he appeared in his first film for the in 1929.

Gilbert broke into comedy short subjects with the studio in 1930 (he appears without billing in the comedy The Happy Hottentots, recently restored and released on DVD). Gilbert's burly frame and gruff voice made him a good comic villain, and within the year he was working for producer . He appeared in support of Roach's comedy stars , , , and . One of his Laurel and Hardy appearances was the 1932 -winning featurette . Gilbert generally played blustery tough guys in the Roach comedies, but could play other comic characters, from fey couturiers to pompous radio announcers to roaring drunks. Gilbert's skill at dialects prompted Roach to give him his own series: big Billy Gilbert teamed with little as the Dutch-comic "Schmaltz Brothers.'" in offbeat musical like Rhapsody in Brew. Gilbert also directed these.

Like many other Roach contractees, Gilbert found similar work at other studios. He appears in the early comedies of the at , as well as in short subjects. These led to featured roles in full-length films, and from 1934 Billy Gilbert became one of the screen's most familiar faces.

One of his standard routines had Gilbert progressively getting excited or nervous about something, and his speech would break down into facial spasms, culminating in a big, loud sneeze. He used this bit so frequently that thought of him immediately when casting the voice of in 1937's . Gilbert and would later work together again in , with Gilbert voicing in a very similar way to Sneezy.

Gilbert is prominent in most of the he appeared in. He appeared as "Herring", the minister of war in 's ; he danced with and in ; he stole scenes as a dim witted process server in the fast-paced comedy ; playing an Italian character, he played a rare dramatic scene opposite singer in . All choice Gilbert roles, and all filmed the same year (1940), which indicates how prolific and talented Billy Gilbert was. He was also the soda server to in .

Gilbert seldom starred in but did have occasional opportunities to play leads. In 1943 he headlined a brief series of two-reel comedies for . That same year teamed him with the urbane stage comedian for a comedy series; Fay left the series after the first entry, and was replaced by a more appropriate foil, fellow vaudeville veteran .

Gilbert also worked in 1950s television, including a memorable pantomime sketch with . He appeared regularly on the children's program with . He retired from the screen in 1962, following his appearance in the feature .

Billy Gilbert died of a on September 23, 1971, in . He was interred at the Odd Fellows Cemetery, in . Though his remains were scattered in their rose gardens, a plaque was never erected bearing his name.

After an unhappy first marriage, Gilbert married Ella McKenzie in 1938. She had appeared as an ingenue in short-subject comedies. Fellow movie-star was the .

MORE INFO ON BEN BLUE: Ben Blue was a movie and TV comedian born on September 12, 1901, in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Emigrating to the US, he became a dance instructor and dance school owner, as well as a nightclub proprietor. He began his film career in short subjects for Warner Brothers in 1926, and later worked at the Hal Roach Studios, Paramount and MGM. He also, like his The Big Broadcast of 1938 (1938) co-star Bob Hope, was a radio comedian. In 1950 he had his own TV series, The Ben Blue Show (1950), and was a regular on _"The Frank Sinatra Show" (1950)_ (qv.

In 1951 Blue began concentrating on managing and appearing in the nightclubs he owned in Hollywood and San Francisco. He made the cover of "TV Guide"'s June 11, 1954, Special Issue along with Alan Young, headlining an edition featuring that season's summer replacement shows. He made a handful of appearances on Ed Sullivan's The Ed Sullivan Show (1948) variety series in 1956 and 1957, and appeared sporadically on other shows, including The Jack Benny Program (1950) in 1960.

In 1958 he shot a pilot for a proposed CBS series, "Ben Blue's Brothers," but it was not picked up, although the pilot was later shown in 1965. Coming out of his self-imposed near-retirement with a bit part in Stanley Kramer's It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963), Blue began making cameo appearances in movie comedies. He also had a regular role on Jerry Van Dyke's short-lived TV series Accidental Family (1967). He made his last appearance on film in the Doris Day comedy Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? (1968) and his last TV appearance on Land of the Giants (1968) in 1969.

He died in 1975, and his career papers covering the years 1935 to 1955 were deposited in the Special Collections at the UCLA Library.

MORE INFO ON HAL ROACH: Hal Roach was born in Elmira, New York in 1892. After working as, among other things, a gold prospector, he wound up in Hollywood and began picking up jobs as an extra in comedies, where he met comedian Harold Lloyd. He began producing, directing and writing a series of short film comedies starring Lloyd around 1915. These were quite successful, and Roach started his own production company and eventually bought his own studio. By the early 1920s he had eclipsed Mack Sennett as the King of Comedy and created many of the most memorable comic series of all time, even by today's standards. These include the team of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase and The Little Rascals. By the late 1930s Roach's formula for success was jeopardized by audience demands for bigger, feature-length productions, and he was forced to try his hand at making full-length screwball comedies, musicals and dramas, although he still kept turning out two-reel comedies. By the 1950s he was producing mainly for television. In 1983 his company developed the first successful digital colorization process. Roach then became a producer for many TV series on the Disney Channel, and his company still produces most of their films and videos.

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TAXI FOR TWO Original Hal Roach Studios SYNOPSIS Document BOYS Billy Gilbert '32
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