This is an original Script from Columbia Pictures, of the popular CBS Comedy Series that became a hit again on Lifetime Television for Women and TV LAND. This is script is from the popular series,

Designing Women

Created & Written by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason

Designing Women focuses on Julia Sugarbaker, a soft spoken southern woman and her ex-beauty queen and snobby sister Suzanne who own "Sugarbakers Design House" in Atlanta, Georgia. Their co-workers included the pretty red head Mary Jo and the sometimes dimitted but also pretty Charlene. Anthony was a black ex-con just recently out of prison who got a job at Sugarbakers doing delivery work. The series mainly focuses on the five of them, but they got frequent visits from their friends, family and customers. Julia's sometimes commanding boyfriend Reese visited and so did Charlene's husband Bill who is a US Colonel. Further uproar in Mary Jo's part included her confrontations with her children Quint and Claudia and her ex-husband Ted, until she got a new boyfriend named J.D. By far, Sugarbaker's frequent customer was the crazy old lady named Berniece. In 1989, Reese died and Suzanne moved away. Julia was forced to babysit the rich spoiled 10-year old Randa Oliver for a few weeks and Julia and her made a quick relationship between young and old. In 1991, Charlene and Bill also left to pursue other things, but Charlene's sister Carlene took her place as well did Julia's mean, snobby cousin Allison. In 1993 Julia finally sold Sugarbaker's design firm to her friend and new co-worker Bonnie at the end of the series.

The entire cast included:

Dixie Carter Dixie Carter ... Julia Sugarbaker (163 episodes, 1986-1993)
Annie Potts ... Mary Jo Shively (163 episodes, 1986-1993)
Meshach Taylor ... Anthony Bouvier (152 episodes, 1986-1993)
Jan Hooks ... Carlene Frazier Dobber (45 episodes, 1991-1993)
Julia Duffy ... Allison Sugarbaker (23 episodes, 1991-1992)

This script is for the episode, MAMED #164617, Anthony directs a Little Theater production of "Mame" and is forced to deal with a temperamental ex-Broadway star, Ivy McBride, who is producing. Mary Jo plays Gooch, Carlene is in the chorus, and Julia is Mame, while Ivy is Vera. They hate each other; Ivy walks out, leaving Julia as the producer. As the strain causes her mood to degenerate, she loses it before opening night. When Ivy shows up drunk during a performance, Anthony must take desperate measures to ensure the show goes on.

Written by DEE LaDUKE & MARK BROWN. It is the FIRST Draft from January 13, 1992. It is complete with 50 pages. Great script if you love this classic comedy series.

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MORE INFO ON JULIA DUFFY: Julia Duffy (born Julia Margaret Hinds; June 27, 1951) is an American actress, best known for playing Stephanie Vanderkellen on the sitcom Newhart (198390). For this role, she received seven Emmy Award nominations and a 1988 Golden Globe Award nomination. The role also won her three Viewers for Quality Television awards. She is also notable for playing the original Maggie Campbell on Baby Talk (1991) and Allison Sugarbaker on Designing Women (199192).

Duffy was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the daughter of Mary Katherine (Duffy), a real estate agent, and Joseph Hinds. Her early career included parts in soap operas such as One Life to Live, The Doctors and Love of Life. Duffy also appeared in movies such as Night Warning (1981) and Cutter's Way (1981). She made an appearance on the television sitcom Cheers during the show's first season in 1982; she had been considered for the role of Diane Chambers, the sitcom's female lead.

In 1983, she played Princess Ariel Baaldorf in the medieval spoof Wizards and Warriors, which had a short run on the CBS television network.

Duffy joined the main cast of the sitcom Newhart during its second season in 1983. She had initially made an appearance in the fourteenth episode of the first season of the series, playing the part of Dick Loudon's (played by Bob Newhart) self-infatuated preppy maid Stephanie Vanderkellen. It is perhaps her most popular role and one she played for seven seasons. She earned Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for the role every year from 1984 through 1990. She also received a Golden Globe nomination and won three Viewers For Quality Television Awards for her work. Julia was actually pregnant during several episodes of Newhart. To hide it, she wore baggy clothes and stood behind furniture.

After the end of Newhart in 1990, Duffy briefly starred in the sitcom Baby Talk alongside George Clooney, but because of her low ratings, the series was retooled and Duffy was replaced by Mary Page Keller. She worked again with Clooney some years later in the Coen Brothers' comedy Intolerable Cruelty. In 1991, she joined the cast of Designing Women, essentially replacing Delta Burke, the show's breakout star, who was fired after quarrels with producers. Duffy played Allison Sugarbaker, Burke and Dixie Carter's previously unseen cousin on the show. Duffy's tenure on the sitcom's sixth season turned out to be the highest-rated season in the show's history, partly because of the highly publicized cast additions of Duffy and Jan Hooks. However, because of the negative public and critical backlash to the snobbish portrayal of Duffy's character on the series, she was released from her contract and she was not asked to return for the show's seventh and final season, thus leading her to be replaced by Judith Ivey.

From 1993 to 1995, Duffy played Barb Ballantine on the short-lived comedy series The Mommies. Duffy played Lindsay Mercer, one of the failed buyers of Winfred-Lauder and the ex-wife of "Lord Mercer" on The Drew Carey Show. She has a recurring role on the Nickelodeon series Drake & Josh as Linda Hayfer, a high school English teacher who despises Drake. She appeared on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody as the rich mother of Jason, a boy who goes on a date with Maddie Fitzpatrick (Ashley Tisdale).

She made a brief appearance in the Nickelodeon sitcom True Jackson, VP as the owner of a stage that LuLu wanted to rent.

On September 19, 2014 Julia appeared on Ken Reid's TV Guidance Counselor Podcast.

Duffy graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York in 1972. She has been married since 1984 to actor Jerry Lacy, co-star of Dark Shadows and Love of Life, and has 2 children, Kerry Kathleen and Daniel. They live in Los Angeles.

MORE INFO ON DELTA BURKE: Delta Ramona Leah Burke (born July 30, 1956, in ) is an and . She is probably best known for her role as in the .

Burke graduated from in Orlando, Florida in 1974, and won the senior superlative "Most Likely to Succeed." After graduation, she won the title for 1974. Burke was paired with , , in the pageant in 1974, and won a talent allowing her to attend a two-year study program at the .

In 1980, Burke portrayed the role of the second Bonnie Sue Chisholm in the , . Her best-known role as Suzanne Sugarbaker in Designing Women was created by . Before Designing Women, Burke spent a year on in 1982 playing the wily young widow, Kathleen Beck. After that, she played female football team owner Diane Barrow on .

Burke was slender when she started on Designing Women in 1986, but as the show gained in fame, she gained weight. She became the most popular cast member, earning two consecutive "Best Actress" nominations from the in 1990 and 1991. In 1990, Burke publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the show's creators on a televised interview with and other media outlets. She also said that castmate , who had once been her close friend and maid of honor at her wedding to , wasn't speaking to her as she sided with her bosses. At the end of the 5th season of Designing Women, in 1991, she was let go from her contract due to her contentious relations with Carter and the Thomasons.

Burke became a blond for the short-lived sitcom (1992), where she played an aspiring singer. When the ratings plummeted, she became a brunette again. In 1995, she and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason reconciled their differences, and Burke returned as Suzanne Sugarbaker in (1995), but that show also met an early demise.

It took more than a decade for Burke and Carter to reconcile, but they did so when Burke guest-starred in an episode of , on which Carter was a regular cast member.

Ever since the early 1990s, Burke's weight has been a subject of discussion in the tabloid press. In reality, her struggles with weight, , and stretch back to her pageant days in the early 1970s. She became a much-parodied figure in the press due to her seesawing weight, including a skit on , wherein Leon Phelps from has a sexual fixation on her. In 1989, Burke asked Thomason to write an episode addressing her weight. The episode, "They Shoot Fat Women, Don't They?", had Suzanne Sugarbaker going to her 15-year high school reunion and getting her feelings hurt after hearing disparaging remarks about her weight. This episode is said to have earned Burke her first nomination as Best Actress. She earned a second nomination the following year.

Burke recently lost about 60 pounds, due to her nearly 10-year battle with type-2 . She says she plans to keep on losing weight to remain healthy, as well as to improve her prospects for playing "Truvy" in the production of ; a role that required her to be more slender.

Delta has most recently appeared in a film for , titled Bridal Fever, which aired February 2, 2008.

Burke has been a leading actress in a number of television films and had a supporting role in the film (2000).

In the early 2000s, she co-starred with on the sitcom ; she had lost much of her excess weight for the role after being diagnosed with diabetes. She had a recurring role on as Cherry Cherry. In 2005 she appeared on Broadway in the play Steel Magnolias ... She recently starred as Mrs. Meers in the Broadway musical . She was succeeded in that role by her co-star .

She also played Bella Horowitz during a 5 episode arc on as a former flame of 's character, in season three.

Burke has been married to actor since May 28, 1989. They have no children together, although McRaney has adult children from his prior marriages. Burke and McRaney's primary residence is in ; they also own a house in and one in .

Burke is a very successful designer and manager of the clothing company Delta Burke Design, headquartered in .

She and her husband are also the owners of an antique store in .

MORE INFO ON ANNIE POTTS: Anne Hampton "Annie" Potts (born October 28, 1952) is an American television and film actress.

She was born Anne Hampton Potts in , and grew up in , where she graduated from Franklin-Simpson High School. She is the daughter of Powell Grisette Potts and Dorothy Harris (Billingslea) Potts and has two older sisters, Mary Eleanor (Potts) Hovious, and Elizabeth Grissette ("Dollie") Potts. She received a degree (in theater arts) from in .

Potts is probably best known for playing the role of in the films and for the television sitcom , but has had a wide variety of prominent roles in both television and film. Other notable roles include Mary Elizabeth (O'Brien) Sims on the show , the voice of Little Bo Peep in the films, a supporting role in the drama , and a guest-starring role on the drama .

She has done work on audio books, including as the narrator and heroine of 's "Telegraph Days." She starred in the film version of McMurtry's , a sequel to . She guest starred on in October 2009 as 's mother. She is currently set to star in , to be released in 2009.

She will be making her debut upon joining the cast of the -winning play on November 17, 2009, replacing actress .

Potts is married to television director and is the mother of three sons, Clay (born 1981), James (called Doc, born 1992), and Harry (born 1996). She is a Board Member of , and has been instrumental in fundraising efforts for the college for many years. Potts is currently a visiting professor of Drama at the school.

MORE INFO ON JEAN SMART: Jean E. Smart (born September 13, 1951) is an American film, television, and stage actress. She is known for her comedic roles, one of the best known being her role as on the sitcom . She later gained critical acclaim for dramatic work, with her portrayal of on . Smart most recently appeared as on the sitcom from 2007 to 2009, another comedic role which garnered the actress an Emmy Award in 2008.

Smart was born in , the daughter of Kay and Douglas Smart, a teacher. The second of four children, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was thirteen. She is a 1969 graduate of , located in Seattle. It is there that she gained an interest in acting in the drama program. Smart is a member of the chapter of the sorority.

After graduating from college, Smart began her career appearing in Regional theater and productions during the mid 1970s. She made her debut portraying in the 1981 play , a role which she would later reprise for the 1984 television version. Also in 1981, Smart was nominated for a for her performance in the play .

Smart began working in television in several smaller to mid-size guest parts in the late 1970s and early 1980s, appearing in such shows as , , and among several others. Her big break came when she was cast in the starring role of on the comedy series from to .

After departing from Designing Women, Smart's career hit a lag during the 1990s with her work mostly concentrated within made for movies and smaller to mid-size roles in films. Notably she portrayed in the movie (1992), Ory Baxter in a television version of (1994), Sally Brewton in the television mini-series (1995), and Mrs. Dittmeyer in (1995) . In 1995 Smart landed her own series, , which co-starred . The show, however, was canceled after just 13 episodes. In 1998, Smart co-starred with Nancy McKeon in another short-lived CBS sitcom, . Her other roles in 1990s include Dana Colby in 's (1998), Holly in 's (1998), and Deborah Sloane in (1999) among others.

In 2000, Smart's career took a turn for the better when she landed the role of Lana Gardner on the hit show . She went on to win two for . In 2001 she was nominated for a for her performance in . She soon landed roles in several high profile films including Stella Kay Perry in the film , Kate Sanderson in , and Carol in . She also provided the voice of the alcoholic chain-smoking Pickles Oblong on and played the role of Supervisor of Detectives and ex-wife to of the Metropolitan Police Department on .

In 2004 she was cast in a lead role in the short-lived , her fourth CBS sitcom, this one co-starring and . The following year she voiced in

In January 2006, Smart joined the cast of playing the mentally unstable , , to actor 's President . Her work was critically praised and she received back-to-back nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama for the role in 2006 and 2007.

Smart won the 2008 for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her most recent role, that of Samantha's overbearing mother in the sitcom , which she played from 2007 to 2009.

Smart is married to actor , whom she met while working on the set of (he played J.D. Shackelford, the boyfriend of ' character, Mary Jo). They have one son, Connor. Gilliland played Captain Stan Cotter on while Smart joined the cast as Martha Logan for season 5. (He was in the 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. episode.)

She has contributed to the campaigns of and .

MORE INFO ON DIXIE CARTER: Dixie is the middle of three children. Her father owned several small retail stores. Early on, she dreamed of being an opera singer, but a botched tonsillectomy at age 7 spoiled any chances for that dream. Still, she sang regularly and studied classical music. She can play the piano, trumpet, and the harmonica. She graduated from Memphis State with an English degree. In 1960, she made her professional in a local production of "Carousel". Three year's later, she moved to New York and landed a role in 's production of Shakespeare's "A Winter's Tale". When she married businessman, Arthur Carter, she left the stage for eight years to raise two daughters, - now an actress and , a screenwriter. At age 35, she returned to acting, but found that no agent wanted to give her a chance. When offered a role in "On Our Own" in L.A., she immediately uprooted her family to move there. A second marriage to actor, , quickly ended. A talented actress in both stage and screen and television and also a singer of opera and dancer, Dixie Carter is best known for her portrayal as the soft spoken Southerner Julia Sugarbaker in (1986). She's been known for performing in a number of plays and with her marriage to actor , nothing seems to slow Dixie down. Recently, she's been in the television series (1999) and, for two years in 1982 and 1983, before (1986), she played Carlotta Beck in (1982) up until it was canceled.

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