This is the ORIGINAL Baby Doll measuring approx 13" by IDEAL TOY COMPANY.

This doll comes with baby blanket and drinking bottle. This drink and wet doll is a physically correct male doll.

This doll is a replica of ARCHIE BUNKER'S GRANDSON, Joey Stivic. child to series stars ROB REINER and SALLY STRUTHERS in the classic Norman Lear CBS Comedy Series,

All in the Family

A working class bigot constantly squabbles with his family over the important issues of the day.

Archie Bunker, was a working-class family man who held bigoted, conservative views of the world. His viewpoints clash with nearly everyone he comes into contact with especially his liberal son-in-law Mike Stivic (or, as Archie delights in calling him, "Meathead").


Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapleton, Sally Struthers and Rob Reiner


Carroll O'Connor ... Archie Bunker(208 episodes, 1968-1979)
Jean Stapleton ... Edith Bunker(208 episodes, 1968-1979)
Rob Reiner ... Michael 'Meathead' Stivic(184 episodes, 1971-1978)
Sally Struthers ... Gloria Bunker-Stivic(184 episodes, 1971-1978)

This doll is a great replica, with his blue eyes, blonde rooted hairy, soft vinyl skin and winning smile! It has never been played with, but box has wear and scuffs. Great photo images of Carroll O'Connor! It's a great doll from a great ground-breaking comedy show.

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MORE INFO ON CARROLL O'CONNOR: Carroll was born in Manhattan and raised in Forest Hills, a community of Queens, New York. After high school in 1942, he joined the Merchant Marines and worked on ships in the Atlantic. In 1946, he enrolled at the University of Montana to study English. While there, he became interested in theater. During one of the amateur productions, he met his future wife, Nancy Fields, whom he married in 1951. He moved to Ireland where he continued his theatrical studies at the National University of Ireland. He was discovered during one of his college productions and was signed to appear at the Dublin Gate Theater. He worked in theater in Europe until 1954 when he returned to New York. His attempts to land on Broadway failed and he taught high school until 1958. Finally in 1958, he landed an Off-Broadway production, "Ulysses In Nighttown". He followed that with a Broadway production that was directed by 'Burgess Meredith', "God and Kate Murphy", in which he was both an understudy and an assistant stage manager. At the same time, he was getting attention on TV. He worked in a great many character roles throughout the 1960s. A pilot for "Those Were The Days" was first shot in 1968 based on the English hit, "Till Death Do Us Part", but was rejected by the networks. In 1971, it was re-shot and re-cast as "All in the Family" (1968) and the rest is history.

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