This is an ORIGINAL Polish Movie Poster measuring 23" x 32" featuring off beat art quite different than the American Movie Poster. It is printed on Kraft Paper, which is what POLISH film posters are known for, unique art and or colors on Kraft Paper.

This paper has aged. It also has a bottom right corner rip, and edge wear all around, tape marks on the back. Please see images. This poster is from 1971, it is OVER 45 YEARS OLD. It is surprised it was saved at all. It was used to promote the 1968 musical extravaganza,


Director: Carol Reed

Writers: Lionel Bart (book), Vernon Harris (screenplay),

More of a Masterpiece Than an Oliver Twist Charles Dickens Musical!

Musical adaptation about an orphan who runs away from an orphanage and hooks up with a group of boys trained to be pickpockets by an elderly mentor. Oliver Twist is sold to a Dunstable undertaker after asking for more dinner at the orphanage. Escaping to London he is taken in by Fagin to join his gang of child pickpockets. Wrongly accused of a theft he meets a more kindly gentleman who takes him in, to the concern of one of Fagin's old pupils, the violent Bill Sykes. In the middle is Nancy, Sykes' girl whom Oliver has come to trust.

Pure movie magic!

The entire cast included:


Ron Moody ... Fagin
Shani Wallis ... Nancy
Oliver Reed ... Bill Sikes
Harry Secombe ... Bumble
Mark Lester ... Oliver Twist
Jack Wild ... The Artful Dodger
Hugh Griffith ... Magistrate
Joseph O'Conor ... Mr. Brownlow
Peggy Mount ... Mrs. Bumble
Leonard Rossiter ... Sowerberry
Hylda Baker ... Mrs. Sowerberry
Kenneth Cranham ... Noah Claypole
Megs Jenkins ... Mrs. Bedwin
Sheila White ... Bet
Wensley Pithey ... Dr. Grimwig

POSTER has an UNUSUAL images much different than the American version. tiny edgewear and light creases expecially in the center Amazing it was saved over 40 years old! Sold as Is, would look great framed!

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MORE INFO ON JACK WILDE: Jack Wild (30 September 1952 1 March 2006) was an English actor best remembered for his performances in both stage and screen productions of the Lionel Bart musical Oliver! with Ron Moody, Mark Lester, Shani Wallis and Oliver Reed. He received an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actor at the age of 16 for his role as The Artful Dodger in Oliver! (1968), as well as BAFTA Award and Golden Globe Award nominations as Most Promising Newcomer. In addition to his role in Oliver!, Wild is also known for his leading role as Jimmy in the 1969 NBC children's television series H.R. Pufnstuf, as well as the 1970 feature film adaptation Pufnstuf.

Wild was born into a working class family in Royton, Lancashire, to a labourer father and a mother who worked as a butcher. Wild moved to Hounslow with his parents in 1960. He was discovered whilst playing football by theatrical agent June Collins, the mother of one of Jack's team-mates, Phil Collins (himself a child actor, who would go on to become a member of Genesis and a well-known solo vocal artist).

June Collins enrolled both Jack and his brother Arthur at the Barbara Speake Stage School, an independent school in Acton in West London.

The Wild brothers sought acting roles to supplement their parents' income, and both were cast in a West End theatre production of Lionel Bart's Oliver!, Arthur in the title role, and Jack as a member of Fagin's gang. Although Jack auditioned as The Artful Dodger for several subsequent stage productions of Oliver!, he was always turned down because he was too short. However, he was chosen to portray the Artful Dodger for the 1968 movie version. He received critical acclaim and several nominations:

Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor

Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer

BAFTA Award for Most Promising Newcomer

It was at the 1968 premiere of Oliver! that Wild met brothers Sid and Marty Krofft, who thought he would make a good lead for a show they were developing called H.R. Pufnstuf. Wild starred in this American family television series that launched in 1969, and he was paid $1,000,000 to play "Jimmy", a boy washed up on "Living Island" (a magic island) with his best friend Freddy, a talking flute. He was also in the movie Pufnstuf (1970). Other roles followed, including the films Melody (1971) and Flight of the Doves (1971). The latter film reunited him with Ron Moody, who had played Fagin in Oliver!.

Wild also embarked on a recording career, cutting one album for Capitol Records and two for Buddah Records in the early 1970s. The three albums were called The Jack Wild Album, Everything's Coming Up Roses and Beautiful World.

Wild struggled to make the transition to adult stardom. He had begun smoking at the age of 12, and by age 17 was drinking heavily. At age 21 he was already an alcoholic and a diabetic. This did not help him find acting gigs, and by 1976 his film career was badly stalled. In 1981 he was supposed to star with Suzi Quatro in a series about a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde for British television, but it was cancelled at the last minute. His alcoholism ruined both his career and his marriage to his childhood sweetheart, Gaynor Jones, who left him in 1985 because of his excessive drinking.

After exhausting his remaining fortune Wild lived with his retired father for a few years. His alcoholism caused three cardiac arrests and resulted in several hospital stays until he stopped drinking in 1989. Wild later admitted his alcoholism was so debilitating during this period that from the late 1970s until he went sober, he was incapable of doing any kind of work.

Wild unsuccessfully attempted various alcoholism rehabilitation programmes and finally gave up drinking on 6 March 1989 after joining Alcoholics Victorious. He returned to the big screen in a few minor roles, such as in the 1991 Kevin Costner film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and as a peddler in Basil (1998). For the most part, Wild spent the remainder of his career working in theatre. His last major appearance was as the male lead, "Mouse", in Tayla Goodman's rock musical Virus. The show ran for two weeks at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham. For his final film appearance, Wild had a minor role in Moussaka & Chips (2005), where he once again worked with Ron Moody.

Wild died on 1 March 2006 at age 53 after a long battle with mouth cancer, which he blamed on his drinking and/or smoking. Diagnosed with the disease in 2000, he initially underwent chemotherapy, but later had part of his tongue and both vocal cords removed in July 2004. Because of this surgery, he had lost his speech and had to communicate through his wife, Claire Harding, whom he met when they were appearing in Jack and the Beanstalk in Worthing.

Wild is buried in Toddington Parish Cemetery, Bedfordshire.

MORE INFO ON MARK LESTER: Mark Lester (born Mark A. Letzer; 11 July 1958) is an English former child star and actor known for playing the title role in the 1968 musical film version of Oliver! and starring in a number of other British and European films of the 1960s and 1970s and in a number of television series.

Lester was born in the city of Oxford, Oxfordshire in Southern England, to actress Rita Keene Lester and actor and producer Michael Lester (originally Michael Boris Letzer). His father was Jewish and his mother Anglican.

Lester was educated at three independent schools: at Corona Theatre School in Ravenscourt Park in West London, followed by Tower House School, a boys' preparatory school near Richmond Park (also in West London), and at Halliford School in Shepperton in Surrey.

Lester initially had supporting roles in several British television series, including The Human Jungle and Danger Man.

In 1964, at the age of six, Lester was cast in Robert Dhery's film Allez France! (English title The Counterfeit Constable) with Diana Dors (who appeared in the 1948 film version of Oliver Twist). He played a small part as the second schoolboy in Fahrenheit 451.

In 1967, at the age of eight, Lester was cast in the title role in the film version of Lionel Bart's musical Oliver!. The multiple Academy Award-winning adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel co-starred Jack Wild, Ron Moody, Shani Wallis and Oliver Reed and was directed by Sir Carol Reed. Since Lester could not sing, all of his singing in the movie was dubbed by Kathe Green, daughter of the film's music arranger Johnny Green. Lester was good friends with Wild throughout the making of the film and their friendship continued after production with Lester describing Wild as a "long lost brother". When Wild was nominated for an Academy Award for the film, they were flown together to the United States for the ceremony.

These two child actors later reunited for Melody (1971), which depicted British schoolchildren in love. Tracy Hyde played the role of Melody in the film, which used music from the Bee Gees and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

In 1969, Lester received critical acclaim for his portrayal of a dysfunctional and withdrawn only child in Run Wild, Run Free, starring opposite John Mills, and then as a disturbed child in the first regular episode of Then Came Bronson. Lester's acting roles peaked as he starred in Eyewitness (1970), with Susan George, Night Hair Child with Britt Ekland, Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?, with Shelley Winters, Melody and a film version of Black Beauty (all 1971). After this period, his acting roles in the UK would begin to wane as he found good roles harder to come by. He extended his range with roles in a series of films in Italy including Redneck (1972) with Telly Savalas and the Western Scalawag (1973) with Kirk Douglas. The final film of his Italian-based career was in the costume drama La Prima volta sull'erba (English title The First Time on the Grass, 1974), which was nominated for the Golden Bear prize at the 25th Berlin International Film Festival.

Lester wrapped up his British film career with the lead role in the all-star film Crossed Swords aka The Prince and the Pauper (1977), starring Raquel Welch, Charlton Heston, Rex Harrison, George C. Scott, and Oliver Reed, who had played Bill Sikes in Oliver!.

After the poor reception of Crossed Swords Lester gave up acting at the age of 19. He took his A Levels at the age of 28 and became an osteopath, studying at the British School of Osteopathy. In 1993, Lester opened the Carlton Clinic, an acupuncture clinic in Cheltenham.

He married in January 1993 and with his wife had 4 children but divorced in 2005. In 2006 he remarried, to Lisa, a psychiatric nurse.

He is a patron of the theatre charity The Music Hall Guild of Great Britain and America.

Lester was a close friend of Michael Jackson. In August 2009, after Jackson's death, Lester gave an interview to the British tabloid newspaper News of the World in which he claimed that he could be the biological father of Paris Katherine Jackson, the late singer's daughter. Lester claimed to have been a sperm donor for Jackson in 1996, and announced that he was willing to take a paternity test to determine whether he was the father. Brian Oxman, former lawyer for the Jackson family, rejected the claim in a television interview, stating, "The thing I always heard from Michael was that Michael was the father of these children, and I believe Michael."

Lester will return to acting in the 2015 film 1066, starring as King Harold II. The film will also see the acting debut of his son Felix.

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OLIVER! Original POLISH Movie Poster Jack Wild MARK LESTER Shani Wallis
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