This is an ORIGINAL 1-sheet movie poster measuring 27" x 41", from Twentieth Century Fox Films. It is It is all original. It is ALMOST 60 YEARS OLD!!! It does have wear, staple marks from being used in a theater, an extra fold, tears and wear in folds. It has a nice distessed look to it. It would look nice framed. This poster was used to promote the 1957 Drama Mystery,

The Three Faces of Eve

A doctor treats a woman suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. Eve White is a quiet, mousy, unassuming wife and mother who keeps suffering from headaches and occasional black outs. Eventually she is sent to see psychiatrist Dr. Luther, and, while under hypnosis, a whole new personality emerges: the racy, wild, fun-loving Eve Black. Under continued therapy, yet a third personality appears, the relatively stable Jane. This film, based on the true-life case of a multiple personality, chronicles Dr. Luther's attempts to reconcile the three faces of Eve. multiple personalities.

Director: Nunnally Johnson

Writers: Nunnally Johnson (screenplay), Corbett Thigpen (book) (as Corbett H. Thigpen M.D.)

Stars: Joanne Woodward, David Wayne, Lee J. Cobb


Joanne Woodward ... Eve White / Eve Black / Jane
David Wayne ... Ralph White
Lee J. Cobb ... Doctor Curtis Luther
Edwin Jerome ... Doctor Francis Day
Alena Murray ... Secretary
Nancy Kulp ... Mrs. Black
Douglas Spencer ... Mr. Black
Terry Ann Ross ... Bonnie White
Ken Scott ... Earl
Mimi Gibson ... Eve - Age 8
Alistair Cooke ... Narrator

Poster features classic 50's artwork. Nice poster if you are a fan of this 20th Century Fox film or Joanne Woodward.

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MORE INFO ON JOANNE WOODWARD: Joanne Gignilliat Trimmier Woodward was born on February 27th, 1930 in Thomasville, Georgia USA. She was born to Wade Woodward and Elinor Gignilliat Trimmier Woodward, a modest household. Her one older brother, Wade Jr., was the favorite of her father, he eventually became an architect. Elinor Woodward was a quite a movie buff and enjoyed going to picture shows often. Joanne claims she was nearly born in the middle of amovie ((1929)). Her mother wanted to name her "Joan", but being Southern, it got changed into "Joanne".

Thomasville, Georgia was a typical small town in Southern Georgia, around ten miles from the border of Florida. Joanne was born right into the Great Depression. Joanne's father was an administrator in the school system in Thomasville. Her family was raised Episcopalian. Joanne's mother, being an avid movie lover, it wasn't a surprise that Joanne wanted to go into the acting profession. Her father wasn't too keen on the idea, but her mother saw it coming and was thrilled. Joanne and her mother both adored the movie(1939) starring. And, in 1939, Elinor took her daughter to the premiere of(1939) in Atlanta. Pulling up with the love of his life(who starred in(1939)) in a limo,was shocked when 9-year-old Joanne hopped right into the limo and sat in his lap without any warning. Years later when Joanne was famous, Olivier keenly remembered this incident. She later worked with Olivier in(1977) (TV).

In her teens, Joanne entered and won many Georgia beauty contests. Her mother said "she was the prettiest girl in town". But all Joanne wanted to do was act and she saw beauty contests as taking the first step toward her dream. When she was of age, she enrolled into Louisiana State University, majoring in drama. After graduation and doing small plays, Joanne headed to New York and studied acting with. The first thing he tackled was Joanne's Southern drawl.

Soon, Joanne was starring in television productions and theater. One day, by her agent, she introduced to another young actor at her level by the then-unknown name of. Paul's first reaction was "Jeez, what an extraordinarily pretty girl". Joanne, while admitting that he was very good-looking, didn't like him at first sight. But, she couldn't resist him. Soon they were working together as understudies for theproduction of "Picnic". They worked very closely together and got along very well. They would have long conversations about everything and anything. Then both their movie careers took off, Joanne with(1955), Paul with(1954). Also adding to the tension was Paul's wife, Jackie, who refused to get a divorce when Paul asked her for one. He wanted to marry Joanne; Jackie would simply not have it. Eventually, Jackie saw the anguish this was causing Paul and agreed to divorce. Less than a week after the divorce was final, Paul married Joanne in Las Vegas. This was on January 29th, 1958, just months before Joanne won her Best Actress Oscar for(1957), in which she plays a woman with Multiple Personality Disorder.

On April 8th, 1959 Joanne gave birth to their first child, Elinor Teresa Newman, named after both their mothers. They both continued on with their careers, doing movies both together and apart. Two more children would follow. Melissa Steward Newman on September 17th, 1961 and Claire Olivia Newman on April 21st, 1965. Since then, Joanne has been extremely busy. She was very active in theater, film and television as well as ballet performances and being very involved with charities and taking care of her family. In 2003, Joanne will be starring in a movie with Paul on HBO.

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