This is an ORIGINAL copy of THEATRE ARTS MONTHLY. It's dated, January, 1934. It is OVER 80 YEARS OLD!!!!

This publication gave you all the information to the World of the theatre, at the time!

Hard to imagine this was saved at all. It's the NINTH ANNUAL YEARBOOK, for the TRIBUTARY THEATRE.

It measures 8" x 11" It's about 84 pages, and tells you all the detail goings on in the world of Theater.

There are shcool and Studio Directory ads, like the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ARTS.

There is an article on the HISTORY OF THE THEATRE. The Acts of Saint Richard, Katherine Cornell in the Shakesperean role, Romeo & Juliet, The Wise Men of Chelm, The Scene in Europe with Nazi Theatre First Phase, Shakespear in Germany, Florian Geyer,.

GREAT Photo images of British and Ameican performers in charcters, from around the country.

There is news from FOREIGN THEATRES.

There is an article on lighting the theatres!

So many GREAT theatres Photograph images. Hundreds of them. It's a nice yearbook, slight wear along the edges, but how many of these were saved???

GREAT for the theatre historian!

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