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MORE INFO ON FLORENCE VIDOR: Florence Vidor (July 23, 1895, Houston, Texas November 3, 1977, Pacific Palisades, California) was an American actress.

She was born Florence Cobb, but later her mother married the realty agent J. F. Arto, whose name the child assumed. She started working in silent movies thanks to her husband, film director King Vidor. She signed her first contract with Vitagraph Studios in 1916. Her early fame was due to her role in the 1921 film Hail the Woman.

She divorced Vidor in 1925 after having had a daughter (Suzanne), but she kept his surname. In 1926, she married classical violinist Jascha Heifetz. Her career ended with the advent of sound films.

She died in 1977 at the age of 82.


Chinatown Nights (1929)

The Patriot (1928)

The Magnificent Flirt (1928)

Doomsday (1928)

Honeymoon Hate (1927)

One Woman to Another (1927)

The World at Her Feet (1927)

Afraid to Love (1927)

The Popular Sin (1926)

The Eagle of the Sea (1926)

You Never Know Women (1926)

Sea Horses (1926)

The Grand Duchess and the Waiter (1926)

The Enchanted Hill (1926)

The Trouble with Wives (1925)

Marry Me (1925)

Grounds for Divorce (1925)

Are Parents People? (1925)

The Girl of Gold (1925)

The Mirage (1924)

Husbands and Lovers (1924)

Christine of the Hungry Heart (1924)

Barbara Frietchie (1924)

Welcome Stranger (1924)

Borrowed Husbands (1924)

The Marriage Circle (1924)

The Virginian (1923)

Main Street (1923)

Alice Adams (1923)

Souls for Sale (1923)

Conquering the Woman (1922)

Skin Deep (1922)

Dusk to Dawn (1922)

The Real Adventure (1922)

Woman, Wake Up (1922)

Hail the Woman (1921)

Beau Revel (1921)

Lying Lips (1921)

The Jack-Knife Man (1920)

The Family Honor (1920)

Poor Relations (1919)

The Other Half (1919)

Till I Come Back to You (1918)

The Bravest Way (1918)

Old Wives for New (1918)

The White Man's Law (1918)

The Honor of His House (1918)

The Hidden Pearls (1918)

The Widow's Might (1918/I)

The Secret Game (1917)

The Countess Charming (1917)

Hashimura Togo (1917)

The Cook of Canyon Camp (1917)

American Methods (1917)

A Tale of Two Cities (1917)

The Intrigue (1916)

The Yellow Girl (1916)

Curfew at Simpton Center (1916)

Bill Peter's Kid (1916)

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