This is a great ORIGINAL CBS/FOX Flyer, featuring photo and great photo images for the 1937 War Drama,

La Grande Illusion

"La grande illusion" (original title)

During the First World War, two French soldiers are captured and imprisoned in a German POW camp. Several escape attempts follow until they are sent to a seemingly impenetrable fortress which seems impossible to escape from.

During 1st WW, two French officers are captured. Captain De Boeldieu is an aristocrat while Lieutenant Marechal was a mechanic in civilian life. They meet other prisoners from various backgrounds, as Rosenthal, son of wealthy Jewish bankers. They are separated from Rosenthal before managing to escape. A few months later, they meet again in a fortress commanded by the aristocrat Van Rauffenstein. De Boeldieu strikes up a friendship with him but Marechal and Rosenthal still want to escape ... Director: Jean Renoir

Writers: Charles Spaak (scenario and dialogue), Jean Renoir (scenario and dialogue)

Stars: Jean Gabin, Dita Parlo, Pierre Fresnay


Jean Gabin ... Le lieutenant Maréchal
Dita Parlo ... Elsa - Farm Woman
Pierre Fresnay ... Le captaine de Boeldieu
Erich von Stroheim ... Le captaine von Rauffenstein (as Eric von Stroheim)
Julien Carette ... Cartier - l'acteur (as Carette)
Georges Péclet ... Le serrurier (as Peclet)
Werner Florian ... Le sergent Arthur
Jean Dasté ... L'instituteur (as Daste)
Sylvain Itkine ... Le lieutenant Demolder (as Itkine)
Gaston Modot ... L'ingénieur (as Modot)
Marcel Dalio ... Le lieutenant Rosenthal (as Dalio)

Flyer is Single Sided, it is in great shape. It has photograph images and a synopsis on the film, it was to promote the film on videocassette. Nice rare flyer.

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