This is an ORIGINAL ONE-OF-A-KIND Photo ARTWORK layout on ARTBOARD with Photo and Clear cell over it.

This was to be used in PARADE MAGAZINE back in 1974. It features SHAFT star, RICHARD ROUNDTREE and then, Wonder Woman star, CATHY LEE CROSBY.

It has some wear, since it's raw art, but a unique one of a kind item!

Stamped and dated July 15, 1974. Almost 40 years old!

It's a nice piece of the actress and the actor who then starred in a string of Blaxploitation films including the 1971 film that started it all,


Director: Gordon Parks

Screenplay and novel by: Ernest Tidyman

The mob wanted Harlem back. They got shaft ... up to here.

Cool black private eye John Shaft is hired by a crime lord to find and retrieve his kidnapped daughter.

John Shaft is the ultimate in suave black detectives. He first finds himself up against Bumpy, the leader of the Black crime mob, then against Black nationals, and finally working with both against the White Mafia who are trying to blackmail Bumpy by kidnapping his daughter.

The entire cast included:

Richard Roundtree ... John Shaft
Moses Gunn ... Bumpy Jonas
Charles Cioffi ... Vic Androzzi
Christopher St. John ... Ben Buford
Gwenn Mitchell ... Ellie Moore
Lawrence Pressman ... Sergeant Tom Hannon
Victor Arnold ... Charlie
Sherri Brewer ... Marcy
Rex Robbins ... Rollie
Camille Yarbrough ... Dina Greene
Margaret Warncke ... Linda
Joseph Leon ... Byron Leibowitz
Arnold Johnson ... Cul
Dominic Barto ... Patsy
George Strus ... Carmen

Nice item only one in the world!

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MORE INFO ON CATHY LEE: One of first appearances for this tall (5'7") beauty was as a regular on the popular show, "Dean Martin Presents the Golddiggers" in 1969. This would lead to a few minor guest appearances on some TV series, a pilot for "Wonder Woman, " and a few low-budget movies. Cathy Lee finally seemed to find her niche by appearing as a performer in "Circus of the Stars" in 1979. As a former semi-pro tennis player, this was a showcase for her athletic abilities. Cathy Lee's big year was 1980; as one of a trio of hosts for "That's Incredible, " the 4-year stint provided both steady employment and enough episodes for syndication. This was the first program in which handicapped people were referred to, by Cathy Lee, as "handicapable, " emphasizing what they could do, and offered inspiration to people. At the height of physical perfection, Cathy Lee appeared in the premiere issue of "One Woman" magazine, a tastefully done magazine in which she alone was featured by 6 photographers in art studies. However, her life was to take a downward turn. She was romantically involved for 7 years with Joe Theismann, quarterback for the Washington Redskins. During a Monday Night Football game in 1985, he suffered a career-ending injury. They would eventually split up. Then another tragedy for Cathy Lee: the always-fit, athletic entertainer suffered from Epstein-Barr syndrome. By 1992, her breakup with Joe had left her ruined financially, and Epstein-Barr drained her of energy physically. However, this was a time of growth spiritually. In her own words, "Because I suddenly had nothing, I was able to experience the magic of life in a way that I hadn't experienced it since I was a very young child." Unable to work in front of the camera for a while, she took a shot at producing in 1994. With several TV appearances in the last few years, it seems Cathy Lee's career is back on track. Cathy Lee recently formed her own production company, and also wrote a motivational book. Cathy Lee credits her comeback to the "Bliss Zone" approach.

MORE INFO ON RICHARD ROUNDTREE: Richard Roundtree was a leading man in many "blaxploitation" movies in the 1970s. He is best known for his role as John Shaft in

(1971), and starred in its two sequels as well. As the 1970s and 1980s progressed he starred more in low-budget movies. He was in a few occasional high-profile, if a tad offbeat, films. Among his more notable work in that period were (1979), (1984) and the socially conscious but badly received (1979). Roundtree has been active in movies these days. He became popular again in the 1990s with his role in (1995), and was well received for reprising his role as the classic hero, and 's uncle, in the 2000 remake of the film that made him a star, (2000).

This item is part of our in-store inventory from our shop which is located in the heart of Hollywood where we have been in business for the past 40 years!

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