This is a BEAUTIFUL Story of the making of Soft Cover Book measuring 8" x 11", featuring 36 pages, with full color and black & white Photographs to cover this epic adventure! It was to promote the 1959 Epic M.G.M. Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Spectacular motion picture,


Director: William Wyler

Writers: Lew Wallace (novel), Karl Tunberg (screenplay)

A Tale of the Christ

When a Jewish prince is betrayed and sent into slavery by a Roman friend, he regains his freedom and comes back for revenge.

When Prince Judah Ben-Hur hears that his childhood friend Messala has been named to command the Roman garrison of Jerusalem, he is thrilled. He soon finds however that his friend has changed and has become an arrogant conqueror, full of the grandeur of Rome. When Judah refuses to divulge the names of Jews who oppose Roman rule, Messala decides to make an example of him and sends him off as a galley slave. Through fate and good fortune, Judah survives the galleys and manages to return to Jerusalem in the hopes of finding his mother and sister, who were also imprisoned, and to seek revenge against his one-time friend.

The entire cast included:


Charlton Heston ... Judah Ben-Hur
Jack Hawkins ... Quintus Arrius
Haya Harareet ... Esther
Stephen Boyd ... Messala
Hugh Griffith ... Sheik Ilderim
Martha Scott ... Miriam
Cathy O'Donnell ... Tirzah
Sam Jaffe ... Simonides
Finlay Currie ... Balthasar / Narrator
Frank Thring ... Pontius Pilate
Terence Longdon ... Drusus
George Relph ... Tiberius Caesar
André Morell ... Sextus

The book has stunning images from the motion picture, Cover has some wear and staining like moisture got to it. A little wavy. A VERY NICE KEEPSAKE OVER 50 YEARS OLD!!!

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MORE INFO ON CHARLTON HESTON; Renowned for playing a long list of historical figures, particularly in Biblical epics, the tall, well built and ruggedly handsome Charlton Heston is one of Hollywood's greatest leading men and remained active in front of movie cameras for over sixty years.

Heston was born John Charles Carter on October 4th 1924 in Evanston, Illinois, and made his feature filmas the lead character in a 16mm production of(1941), based on theplay. Shortly thereafter, he played 'Marc Antony' in(1950), however Heston firmly stamped himself as genuine leading man material with his performance as circus manager 'Brad Braden' in thespectacular(1952), also starringand. The now very popular actor remained perpetually busy during the 1950s, both on TV and on the silver screen with audience pleasing performances in the steamy thriller(1954), as a treasure hunter in(1954) and another barn storming performance foras "Moses" in the blockbuster(1956). Heston delivered further dynamic performances in the oily film noir thriller(1958), and then alongsidein the western(1958) before scoring the role for which he is arguably best known, that of the wronged Jewish prince who seeks his freedom and revenge in thedirected(1959). This mammoth Biblical epic running in excess of three and a half hours became the standard by which other large scale productions would be judged, and it's superb cast also includingas the villainous "Massala", English actoras the Roman officer "Quintus Arrius", and Australian actoras "Pontius Pilate", all contributed wonderful performances.

Never one to rest on his laurels, steely Heston remained the preferred choice of directors to lead the cast in major historical productions and during the 1960s he starred as Spanish legend "Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar" in(1961), as a US soldier battling hostile Chinese boxers during(1963), played the ill-fated "John the Baptist" in(1965), the masterful painter "Michelangelo" battling Pope Julius II in(1965), and an English general in(1966). In 1968, Heston filmed the unusual western(1968) about an aging and lonely cowboy befriending a lost woman and her son, which Heston has often referred to as his favorite piece of work on screen.

Interestingly, Heston was on the verge of acquiring an entirely new league of fans due to his appearance in four very topical science fiction films (all based on popular novels) painting bleak future's for mankind. In 1968, Heston starred as time traveling astronaut "George Taylor", in the terrific(1968) with it's now legendary conclusion as Heston realizes the true horror of his destination. He returned to reprise the role, albeit primarily as a cameo, alongside fellow astronautin the slightly inferior sequel(1970). Next up, Heston again found himself facing the apocalypse in(1971) as the survivor of a germ plague that has wiped out humanity leaving only bands of psychotic lunatics roaming the cities who seek to kill the uninfected Heston. And fourthly, taking its inspiration from thenovel "Make Room!, Make Room!", Heston starred alongside screen legendandin(1973). During the remainder of the 1970s, Heston appeared in two very popular "disaster movies" contributing lead roles in the far fetched(1974), plus in the star laden(1974), filmed in "Sensoround" (low bass speakers were installed in selected theaters to simulate the earthquake rumblings on screen to movie audiences). He played an evil Cardinal in the lively(1974), a mythical US naval officer in the recreation of(1976), also filmed in "Sensoround", an LA cop trying to stop a sniper in(1976) and another US naval officer in the submarine thriller(1978).

Heston appeared in numerous episodes of the high rating TV series(1981) and(1985), before moving onto a mixed bag of projects including TV adaptations of(1990) (TV) and(1988) (TV), hosting two episodes of the comedy show,(1975), starring as the "Good Actor" bringing love struckto tears in(1993), and as the eye patch wearing boss of intelligence agentin(1994).

He also narrated numerous TV specials and lent his vocal talents to the animated movie(1997), the family comedy(2001) and an animated version of(2003) (TV). Heston made an uncredited appearance in the inferior remake of(2001), and his last film appearance to date was in the Holocaust themed drama of(2003).

Heston has been married to Lydia Marie Clark Heston since March 1944, and they have two children. His highly entertaining autobiography was released in 1995, titled appropriately enough "Into The Arena". Although often criticized for his strong conservative beliefs and involvement with the NRA, Heston was a strong advocate for civil right many years before it became fashionable, and has been a recipient of the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian, plus the Kennedy Center Lifetime Achievement. In 2002, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and has not appeared in a film or TV production since 2003.

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BEN-HUR Original 1959 PHOTO Book M.G.M Charlton Heston
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