This is an AMAZING Find from Hollywood California. This is an Animated ORIGINAL Art line drawing, featuring great artwork of a shirtless muscular CONAN the Barbarian, line drawing art, measuring 10" x 12" for the classic 90's Cartoon series,


This Sheet features Production #54. It has some write out and mistakes and some wear. ALL ORIGINAL STUDIO ART.

Great for the true animated art or CONAN collector!

MORE INFO ON CONAN THE ADVENTURER: Conan the Adventurer was the name of a popular American animated television series adaptation of the literary and comic book character, Conan the Barbarian, created by Robert E. Howard in the 1930s. Produced by Jetlag Productions and Sunbow Productions, the series debuted on October 1, 1992, ran for 64 episodes and concluded exactly two years later, on October 1, 1994.

This 64 episode cartoon series premiered October 1, 1992 and was produced by Sunbow Productions. The series was produced in association with Graz Entertainment for the first thirteen-episode season, and Jean Chalopin's Creativite et Developpement for the remaining episodes.

Conan lived in the Black Sea region with his parents throughout his childhood. While out with his grandfather one day on a trek, meteors dropped from the skies. Conan collected some of these "fiery tears" and brought them back to his family. The metal turned out to be Star Metal, the strongest metal in existence. Conan's father forged the Star Metal into various weapons and sold them. His finest work, a magnificent sword, he kept for Conan. This last weapon was laid in a crypt and covered over with a heavy stone slab. Conan's father told him that when Conan was "man enough" (i.e., strong enough) to push off the stone slab, he could own the sword.

The evil, shapeshifting, Serpent Man wizard Wrath-Amon wanted this Star Metal to release his deity Set from "the Abyss". Set had been banished from Earth long in the past by the combined powers of virtually every living wizard on Earth because he wanted to enslave the human race.

Upon hearing of this cache of Star Metal, Wrath-Amon went in search of Conan's family. Conan's father had sold most of the Star Metal by this point, and told Wrath-Amon that he had sold all of the star metal (this was a lie; aside from the sword, it was revealed in a later episode that he had hidden pieces of Star Metal with other villagers). Wrath-Amon used the spell of living stone upon Conan's family.

Conan sought the Star Metal sword to attack Wrath-Amon and his followers. When the Star Metal sword got near Wrath-Amon it disrupted his magic and showed his reptilian face. To this he said "Those who see the true face of Wrath-Amon must perish!" (this scene is similar to one in the film.)

Wrath-Amon's henchmen are also shapeshifting Serpent Men. When Conan's Star Metal sword is close enough to them it broke the spell that disguised them and revealed their true form to be Serpent-Men. When Star Metal made contact with the Serpent-Men it banished them to the Abyss with Set. Spies and agents of Set and Stygia, many of them also serpent-men, were present in many cities, nations and tribes throughout the land in the age of Conan.

Conan the Barbarian vs. Conan the Adventurer

As compared with the original Conan stories and the black and white Marvel Comics such as King Conan, Conan Saga, Conan the Barbarian, and Conan the King, the cartoon Conan displays a higher degree of modern morality. While the Conan from these tales is bloody, a womanizer, thief and so on, cartoon Conan has more in common with sword-wielding cartoon characters such as He-Man.

He is a kind and caring character, albeit a little naive, who stands up for his friends and what he sees to be right and is very respectable.

It is possible that when Conan the Adventurer came out, the original planned villain was the skull-faced sorcerer Thulsa Doom[citation needed] who was the template for He-Man's archenemy Skeletor. However Wrath-Amon (who is loosely based on Thoth-Amon) came into existence as the main villain.

The series also spawned a small toyline in 1992 created by Hasbro.

Eventually the final plot where Wrath-Amon summons the evil serpent demon Set was placed in the 2002 version of He-Man.[ In this storyline, King Hiss and the snakemen summon their god Serpos and He-Man fights Serpos to save Eternia.

This first incarnation of Conan in cartoon form performed much better than its sequel, Conan and the Young Warriors, which lasted only 13 episodes.

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