This is an ORIGINAL British Quad Poster measuring 30" x 40" rolled good shape, some wear on edges, it displays great, it was used in movie theaters in England, for the 1981 Romantic Drama,


Director: James Ivory

Writers: Jean Rhys (novel), Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

An adaptation of Jean Rhys' novel. Set among artists and European elite of 1920s Paris, Marya becomes entangled in the hedonistic lifestyles of a wealthy English couple.

Abandoned in Paris with no work permit and no savings, when her art-dealing (illegal) Polish husband is sent to prison, Marya Zelli (Isabelle Adjani) accepts the hospitality of the Heidlers, Lois and H.J.(as Lois invariably calls him) which, probably inevitably, involves her providing bed service to H.J. The video box describes the Heidlers as a "freethinking British couple"- if you can accept a couple, with such limited self-awareness and inability to talk through their problems, as freethinkers.

The film is based on the novel by Jean Rhys, based on her own experiences with Ford Madox Ford who presumably had more going for him than H.J., or else he wouldn't be in all those books on the literature of the twenties.


Alan Bates ... H.J. Heidler
Maggie Smith ... Lois Heidler
Isabelle Adjani ... Marya 'Mado' Zelli
Anthony Higgins ... Stephan Zelli
Pierre Clémenti ... Théo the Pornographer
Suzanne Flon ... Mme. Hautchamp
Daniel Mesguich ... Pierre Schlamovitz
Sheila Gish ... Anna
Armelia McQueen ... Night Club Singer
Wiley Wood ... Cairn
Virginie Thévenet ... Madmoiselle Chardin
Daniel Chatto ... Guy
Bernice Stegers ... Miss Nicholson
Paulita Sedgwick ... Esther
Sébastien Floche ... Edouard Hautchamp

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MORE INFO ON MAGGIE SMITH: Dame Margaret Natalie Smith,(born 28 December 1934), better known as Maggie Smith, is a pre-eminent English,, andwho made her stage debut in 1952 and is still performing after 57 years. She has been acclaimed throughout her career and has won numerous awards for acting, including five, two, two, anand a.

Smith was born in Ilford, then, the daughter of Margaret (Hutton), a-born secretary, and Nathaniel Smith, a-born public healthwho worked at. She has older twin brothers, Alistair and Ian. Smith studied at, although she has been quoted as not having enjoyed her school experience.

Smith has had an extensive career both on screen and in live theatre, and is known as one of Britain's pre-eminent actresses. She began her career at thewith Frank Shelley and made her first film in 1956. She became a fixture at thein the 1960s, most notably for playinginoppositeand winning her firstnomination for her performance in the. In 1969 she won thefor her performance as an unorthodox Scottish schoolteacher in, a role originally created on stage byin 1966. She was also awarded the 1978for her role as the brittle actress Diana Barrie in,acting opposite. Afterwards, on hearing thatwas about to embark on a film () with Smith, Caine is supposed to have humorously telephoned Palin, warning him that she would steal the film. She also starred with Palin in the dark but comedic filmin 1984.

Smith appeared inin 1992 and had a major role in the 1999 film,where she appeared as the formidable Lady Hester. Indeed, many of her more mature roles have centred on what Smith refers to as her "gallery of grotesques", playing waspish, sarcastic or plain rude characters. Recent examples of this would include the judgemental sister inand the cantankerous snob Constance, Countess of Trentham in,for which she received anothernomination.

Other notable roles include the querulous Charlotte Bartlett in theproduction of, a vivid supporting turn as the aged Duchess of York in's film of, and a little known but powerful[] performance as Lila Fisher in the 1973 filmwith. Due to the international success of themovies, she is now widely known for playing the role of Professor. She also plays an older Wendy in the Peter Pan movie,.

She appeared in numerous productions at thein,, to extraordinary acclaim from 1976 through to 1980. These roles included Queen Elizabeth in, Virginia Woolf in Virginia, and countless lead roles with long-time Stratford iconincluding thecomedy.

On stage, her many roles have included the title character in the stage production of's The Lady in the Van and starring as Amanda in a revival of. She won ain 1990 for Best Actress in a Play for's, in which she starred as an eccentric tour guide in an English stately home. She was awarded Commander of the(CBE) in 1970, and was raised to Dame Commander (DBE) in 1990.

Smith has been married twice. She marriedon 29 June 1967 at the Greenwichand had two sons with him: actors(born in 1967) and(born in 1969). They divorced on 6 May 1974. Smith is a grandmother via both her sons.

She married playwrighton 23 August 1975 at theRegistry Office, and the marriage ended with his death on 20 March 1998.

She was a close friend of actor Sirand spoke at his New York memorial service in 1990.

MORE INFO ON ALAN BATES: Sir Alan Arthur Bates(17 February 1934 ? 27 December 2003) was aof stage, screen and television

Bates was born in,,on February 17, 1934, the eldest of three sons of Florence Mary (Wheatcroft), a homemaker and a pianist, and Harold Arthur Bates, an insurance broker and a cellist.. The family briefly moved to, then returned to Allestree. Both of his parents were amateur musicians, and encouraged him to pursue music, but by age 11, young Bates already had determined his life's course as an actor, and so they sent him for dramatic coaching instead. He also saw productions at Derby's Little Theatre on Beckett Street. He was educated at the Herbert Strutt Grammar School (amalgamated in 1973 with two secondary modern schools and renamed Belper High School, which has now becomealthough the former buildings are now the Herbert Struttprimary school) on Thornhill Avenue in,and later earned a scholarship to thein, where he studied withand, before leaving to join theforat.

In 1956, Bates debuted on stage in theas Cliffe in, a role he had originated at theand which made him a star. He also played the role on television (for the ITV Playhouse) and on Broadway. In the late 1950s, he appeared in several plays for television in Britain. In 1960, he appeared inopposite, his first film role. Bates worked for the Padded Wagon Moving Company in the early 1960s while acting at the Circle in the Square Theater in. Throughout the 1960s he starred in several major films including(1961),(1962),(1964), Phillipe de Broca's(1966),(1966),(1967), and in thefilm(1968), which gave him annomination for. In 1969, he starred inin which, along with, he became the first actor to perform in ain a major studio motion picture.

Bates was handpicked by director(with whom he had previously worked on Far From The Madding Crowd) to star in the film(1971) in the role of Dr. Daniel Hirsh. Bates was held up filming(1970) for director, and had also become a father around that time, and so he had to pass on the project. The part then went first to, who balked at kissing and simulating sex with another man, and then to, who earned annomination for the role.

Bates continued to work in film and television throughout the 1970s and 80s, and starred in such international films as(1978),(1980), and also played Bette Midler's ruthless business manager in the 1979 film. On television, his parts ranged from classic roles such as 1978's(his favourite role he said), "A Voyage Around My Father" (1982),(1983) (playing), and(1987) (in which he played a Russian spy).

He continued working in film and television in the 1990s, including the role of Claudius in Mel Gibson's version of(1990), though most of his roles in this era were more low-key.

In 2001, Bates joined an all-star cast in's critically acclaimed period drama, in which he played the butler Jennings. He later played Antonius Agrippa in the 2004 TV film, but died before it debuted. The film was dedicated to his memory and that of writer, who wrote thethat inspired the filmby.

On stage, Bates had a particular association with the plays of, appearing in,, Stage Struck, Melon, Life Support and Simply Disconnected, as well as the film of Butley and Gray's TV series Unnatural Pursuits.

Bates was made a(CBE) in 1996, and wasin 2003. He was an Associate Member ofand was a patron of The Actors Centre, Covent Garden, London from 1994 until his death in 2003 (previous Patrons:,).

Bates was married tofrom 1970 until her death from a wasting disease in 1992. The Bates had twin sons born in November 1970, the actorsand Tristan Bates. Tristan died following an asthma attack in 1990.. The Bates are also survived by granddaughter, Chatto Bates, Benedick's daughter.

In the later years of his life, Bates's companion was his lifelong friend, actress, his co-star in the 1964 Broadway play Poor Richard. They divided their time betweenand.

Bates had also had many relationships with men, which were detailed in his posthumous biography (see below).

Bates died in 2003.

This item is part of our in-store inventory from our shop which is located in the heart of Hollywood where we have been in business for the past 40 years!

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