This is an ORIGINAL Argentina Poster from South America measuring 27" x 41" featuring great artwork for the 1965 mystery thriller,

My Blood Runs Cold

Director: William Conrad

Writers: John Meredyth Lucas (story), John Mantley (screenplay)

Is It Possible That The Dead Can Be Reborn?

Disturbed young man meets a girl he believes to be a long-dead ancestor.

Wealthy, reckless Californian Julie Merriday, accompanied by her boyfriend Harry Lindsay, an attorney, narrowly avoids crashing into a motorcycle driven by young Ben Gunther. Ben temporarily abandons his damaged cycle and accepts a ride from Julie but insists upon calling her Barbara. Later, at the Merriday beach house, Julie's Aunt Sarah tells Julie that her great great grandmother was named Barbara, and furthermore, that ancestress had an illegitimate child fathered by one Benjamin Gunther. Despite her father's protestations and Ben's irrational conviction that she and he are reincarnations of the past lovers, Julie breaks off with Harry and elopes with Ben. While aboard a small ketch Ben claims he owns, Julie finds the earlier Benjamin's diary, reads of his affair with her ancestress, and realizes that Ben lied.

Joey Heatherton: baby doll thespian!

The entire cast included:


Troy Donahue ... Ben Gunther
Joey Heatherton ... Julie Merriday
Barry Sullivan ... Julian Merriday
Nicolas Coster ... Harry Lindsay
Jeanette Nolan ... Sarah Merriday
Russell Thorson ... Sheriff R. Seaton
Ben Wright ... Lansbury
Shirley Mitchell ... Mrs. Courtland
Howard McNear ... Henry
Howard Wendell ... Mayor
John Holland ... Mr. Courtland
John McCook ... Owen

Poster is on White Kraft Paper and is in Good shape slight wear. Nice for fans of psychological thrillers or these stars!

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TROY DONAHUE Joey Heatherton MY BLOOD RUNS COLD 1-Sheet Poster
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