This is a Universal Copy Script for the popular NBC 1980's Action Crime Drama series,


Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter and his partner, Sergeant Dee Dee McCall, are homicide investigators with the Los Angeles Police Department. Often they must go undercover to catch a variety of L.A.-style villains. "Sporty" James, a helpful police-informant, occasionally provides a bit of humor in this action-drama T.V. series.

Creator: Frank Lupo

Stars: Fred Dryer, Stepfanie Kramer and Charles Hallahan


Fred Dryer ... Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter(152 episodes, 1984-1991)
Stepfanie Kramer ... Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall(130 episodes, 1984-1990)
Charles Hallahan ... Capt. Charles Devane(110 episodes, 1986-1991)

This Script is for the episode ANY SECOND NOW, Written by Charlotte Clay, John Thomas James, Stephanie Garman, Hollace White and Marianne Clarkson. It is dated December 18, 1986 It is complete with 62 white pages, last couple pages loose.

Great script from great show from Universal Studios and STEPHEN J. CANNELL, famous creator of suck popular shows as: THE ROCKFORD FILES, THE A-TEAM, HUNTER, KNIGHT RIDER and WISEGUY.

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MORE INFO ON FRED DRYER: Actor John Frederick Dryer was born in Hawthorne, California, on July 6, 1946, son of Charles F. Dryer and Genevieve Nell Clark. Raised in Lawndale, California, he attended Lawndale High School and El Camino College. Before acting, he played football for 14 years.

In college, Dryer played for the Aztecs of San Diego State University, under Head Coach Don Coryell, for the seasons 1967-1968. The 6' 6", 225-pound defensive end # 77 was named First Team All-American in 1968 and played in the College All-Star Game, East-West Shrine Game and Hula Bowl in 1969. A two-year letterman and starter, Dryer received the Chase Memorial Trophy as the school's top defensive lineman in 1968. On September 15, 1967, he was among those players who first stepped onto the brand-new San Diego Stadium (Qualcomm Stadium), when the Aztecs defeated Tennessee State 16-8 in front of 45,822 fans.

In 1988, Fred was inducted into the Aztec Hall of Fame. On May 28, 1997, he was named to the College Football Hall of Fame. He was considered among the most dominant pass rushers in college football history. The induction ceremony happened on August 16, in South Bend, Indiana. On November 8, he returned to San Diego to be honored during night's Homecoming game against the Spartans of San Jose State University.

Dryer started his professional career on the football field in 1969, when he was drafted by the New York Giants in the first round (the 13th pick overall). But as he didn't like New York very much, he left the Giants and returned to California to play for the Los Angeles Rams, which he did from 1972 to 1981, when he retired.

On October 21, 1973, the defensive end # 89 set an NFL record by registering 2 safeties in a single game, against Green Bay Packers.

With the Rams, Fred made the Pro Bowl in 1970 and 1975 and played in Super Bowl XIV in 1980, when the L.A. team was defeated by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dryer was considered a maverick due to his playing style - and was one in his own life. He loved birds because he heard a song of freedom in the sound of flapping wings. For three years, while playing for the New York Giants, he lived in a Volkswagen van.

And he was a joker - on and off the football field. During the drills (and games), Fred played the role of stand-up comic. One of his talents was to do Tommy Prothro's voice, his head coach in 1972.

After stopping playing, Fred did sportscasting on CBS, quitting after 10 games because he felt he had no freedom in that job; besides, he was tired of traveling.

In the 80s, he started acting. In 1979, he began studying with actress and acting coach Nina Foch.

With the movies Gus and Prime Time, he got his Screen Actors Guild card. His first important role was in The Starmaker, where he played Melanie Griffith's stepfather.

In 1982, Fred auditioned for Cheers. One of 3 finalists, he lost the male lead to actor Ted Danson. Later, he made several guest appearances on the show as Dave Richards, Sam's former Boston Red Sox teammate turned sportscaster. In 1984, Fred was chosen to play the leading role of the TV series Hunter: LAPD Homicide Detective Sergeant Richard Hunter, a mobster's son turned cop. Hunter, created by Frank Lupo and produced by Stephen J. Cannell, is TV's version of Clint Eastwood's violent big screen cop Dirty Harry. Hunter's partner is Sergeant DeeDee McCall, a beautiful and tough widow, known around the squad as "The Brass Cupcake", played by Stepfanie Kramer. Hunter ran on NBC from 1984 to 1991.

Besides running in the USA, Hunter was sold to many countries: Brazil, Japan, Canada, England, France, Australia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Philippines, Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai, Brunei, Iceland, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Paraguay, Israel - 88 overall. In many of these places, the show goes on running till today. Fred is the biggest star in China - millions of Chineses watch Hunter every week. But, although being a worldwide hit, Hunter didn't get much recognition by the Hollywood industry and the critics.

Fred directed several Hunter episodes: A Child is Born, The Jade Woman, The Girl on the Beach, Ring of Honor, The Incident as well as produced 44 of them (6th and 7th seasons).

After Hunter, through his own company (Fred Dryer Productions), Fred returned to his popular role from TV on The Return of Hunter: Everyone Walks in L.A. (1995). In the same year, he produced and starred on a new TV series: Land's End, shot entirely in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Since Land's End ended, Fred has been making movies and guest appearances on TV shows, as well as returned to play Hunter.

Dryer enjoys playing golf and working out. When he was a football player, he used to surf and dive for abalone. Since those times, Fred has neither eaten red meat nor drunk soda; his diet is composed of vegetables and chicken.

Another thing he very much likes is construction - he says if he wasn't in acting and producing, he would be in construction. Fred and his brother Charlie helped their father Charles build his house. In 1993, Fred built a 5-million mansion in Los Angeles, which was sold few years ago, because he didn't get used to living in such a luxurious place.

His father died on September 14, 1963, and his mother in 1994. Fred got married in May of 1983 to actress and Playboy centerfold Tracy Vaccaro, who worked with him on Hunter and Land's End.

Fred still lives in Los Angeles.


Stepfanie Kramer (born August 6, 1956) is an American actress, writer, and singer/songwriter. She is probably best known for her role as the tough-minded detective, "Sgt. Dee Dee McCall," on the NBC TV series Hunter." She has been nominated for an Emmy in Special Class Programming and won the Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress Award, honored by the First Americans in the Arts organization in 1995, 2002, and 2003. She was voted one of the most beautiful women in television in 1988, through a national TV Guide poll of viewers. Kramer has written and directed for television, and is also a singer.Kramer was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is part Native American from her mother's side. Her father was a classically-trained violinist and her mother a high-fashion model as well as an artist. Kramer's professional acting career started in the late 1970s, while she was still in school. She guest-starred in several television shows, such as Starsky and Hutch, Dynasty, Bosom Buddies, and Knots Landing. Kramer graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts/West, where she has later taught as a guest instructor. Kramer starred in the NBC sitcom We Got It Made in 1983. Her big break came in 1984, when she landed a starring role in Hunter, the latest creation of television mogul Stephen J. Cannell. After a rough start, the show became an international hit, being broadcast for seven consecutive seasons. Kramer starred in six of them, a total of 130 episodes. In an interview with Jay Leno in 1989, Kramer admitted that she had not believed the show would be as long-lived as it was.

Already in 1986, Kramer said that she was working on a rock album with composer Mike Post, who had composed music for Hunter. She also announced that an album might be published the following year. That never happened, however, but in 1990, Kramer announced her departure from Hunter. Although the press claimed it was to concentrate on her music career in a television news interview, Kramer commented her choice with the following: "I have been most fortunate in that I've acted, written, and directed while on Hunter. It is time for me to move on to the next phase of my life, both professionally and personally."

Shortly after leaving Hunter, she began recording an album in England with producer Nils Lofgren. The album was never released. In 1992 Kramer married and moved to Colorado. Two years later she gave birth to a daughter. She continued to write music and star in successful made-for-TV movies and indie films. She is a trained mezzo soprano, and during the hype of her TV career, she had showcased her musical abilities on several episodes of Hunter, as well as on Bob Hope television specials. Stepfanie's first album saw the light of the day on October 12, 1999. The debut album, One Dream, contains ten adult contemporary songs. Most are original songs which prove Kramer's talent as both a composer and lyricist.[6] The Great American Song Book, her second album, came out early in the year 2008. On it, Kramer covers 14 classic songs recorded live in a one-woman show which she performs on the road in various national performance venues. In 2008, she represented the U.S. by performing at the International Music Festival in Queretero, Mexico. As a singer, she has performed around the globe.

Kramer has continued to work as an actress. After her departure from Hunter, she has appeared in several TV shows and movies. Her most notable movie projects include: Twin Sisters (1992), Beyond Suspicion (1994), The Dogwalker (1999) and The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold (2006). She also reprised her role as, "Dee Dee McCall," in the two Hunter television movies (2002 and 2003). Due to their strong ratings, NBC attempted to bring the television show back, but unfortunately the 2003 revival was canceled after only nine episodes.

Kramer has teamed with writer David Chisolm to write feature films, as well as with Southwestern novelist Jann Arrington Wolcott to write a collection of short stories. Kramer has also completed a book reading of the award-winning musical in New York, A Twist of Fate.She also was a special guest in the Los Angeles stage production of "Menopause - The Musical".

On May 24, 1992, Kramer married Mark Richards. The couple divorced in February, 2001. Together they have a daughter, Lily Claire Richards, born in 1994. Since the divorce, Kramer and her daughter have relocated to California. According to Stepfanie's official website, her daughter "is the greatest production she has ever been involved in"

This item is part of our in-store inventory from our shop which is located in the heart of Hollywood where we have been in business for the past 40 years!

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