This is an ORIGINAL Script from 1984 with loose cover and stain on top, but complete with multi-color pages for the 1984 comedy film,

Last of the Great Survivors

Perky social worker Laura Mathews (Pam Dawber) takes up the cause of a group of senior citizens, whose dilapidated apartment building has been targetted for demolition. While on a blind date, Laura falls in love with Richard Wylie (James Naughton)--who, alas, turns out to be the very building inspector who condemned the building. But help is on the way in the unlikely shape of Laura's ex-boyfriend, a hotshot attorney. Populated with the sort of "cute" oldsters that generally infest TV movies of this nature (the old ladies swear and play cards, the old men keep unusual pets and pursue eccentric hobbies, etc.), The Last of the Great Survivors premiered January 3, 1984 on CBS.

Director: Jerry Jameson

Writer: Jim Kouf

Stars: Pam Dawber, James Naughton, Thom Bray


Pam Dawber ... Laura Matthews
James Naughton ... Richard Wylie
Thom Bray ... Eddie
Maryedith Burrell ... Vie
Nedra Volz ... Gladys
Fritz Feld ... Marty
Charles Lampkin ... Elroy
Jerado Decordovier ... Chief
Gloria Gifford ... Ms. Revson
Michael Callan ... Jerry

This is the REVISED FINAL DRAFT from January 11, 1983. It is complete 114 multi-colored pages.

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MORE INFO ON PAM DAWBER: Actress Pam Dawber grew up in a suburb of Detroit. Her career began to take off when a friend who was going to New York suggested that Pam accompany her and bring along her modeling portfolio to show various New York modeling agents. A pretty girl, Pam had done some modeling in Detroit where she was attending Oakland Community College, and she had also worked as a model and singer in several auto trade shows. One of the top modeling agencies in New York signed Pam to an exclusive contract, and she was soon being seen in magazine advertisements and on TV commercials but Pamela was more interested in acting than in modeling. She began studying voice and acting. A leading role in a stock production of a musical comedy called "Sweet Adeline" at the Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, Connecticut, led to her being auditioned for a major role on a new TV series called "Tabitha" (1977). To her disappointment, Pam did not get the part, but she did get an important role in the Robert Altman film A Wedding (1978) and, shortly after, signed an exclusive contract with ABC-TV. ABC cast Pam as the female lead in "Mork & Mindy" (1978) and her star has been riding high ever since. Pam returned to the stage and appeared in a revival of the musical "My Fair Lady", playing Eliza Doolittle. Her hobbies are canoeing, cooking, horseback riding and swimming. Great collectible on this series you don't find every day.

James Naughton, a handsome charmer and solid, reliable player on film and TV, is best-known for his magnetic work on the musical stage. The two-time Tony award winner for his cynical, "Sam Spade"-like detective in "City of Angels" (1990) and slick, shyster lawyer/razzle dazzler "Billy Flynn" in the revival of "Chicago" (1997), hails from Yale (School of Drama) and began scoring on Broadway in the 70s with his sharp portrayal as "Edmund" in "Long Day's Journey Into Night", and in his Broadway debut with "I Love My Wife". He has also directed stage plays, such as Arthur Miller's "The Price" and "Our Town" with Paul Newman and Jane Curtin. A number of TV series throughout the decades failed, however, to light up his name in Hollywood with "Making the Grade" (1982), "Trauma Center" (1983) and "The Cosby Mysteries" (1994), coming and going. The same goes with his steady, restrained work in the films, The Paper Chase (1973), The Glass Menagerie (1987), The Good Mother (1988) and The First Wives Club (1996). Best-known for his trustworthy husbands (well, not always) and well-dressed professionals, he has one of those strong, worldly faces you recognize but can't place. Recently, Naughton has taken to the cabaret circuit where his simple, relaxed singing style has caught on, especially in his award-winning one-man show "Street of Dreams" which was comprised of a number of eclectic songs from country and western to contemporary pop to classic standards. His children Greg and Keira are also in the business.

This item is part of our in-store inventory from our shop which is located in the heart of Hollywood where we have been in business for the past 40 years!

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