This is 3 section ORIGINAL Pressbook, measuring 9 showing great photo images, promotion campaign, ad slicks for newspapers, bios on the cast synopsis and background information from the film, featuring Michael York and sexy Barbara Carerra for the 1977 Science Fiction motion picture,

The Island of Dr. Moreau

Director: Don Taylor

Writers: H.G. Wells (novel), Al Ramrus (screenplay)

The Doctor Is In-SANE!

A ship-wrecked man floats ashore on an island in the Pacific Ocean. The island is inhabited by a scientist, Dr. Moreau, who in an experiment has turned beasts into human beings.

Amazingly authentic feel


Burt Lancaster ... Dr. Paul Moreau
Michael York ... Andrew Braddock
Nigel Davenport ... Montgomery
Barbara Carrera ... Maria
Richard Basehart ... Sayer of the Law
Nick Cravat ... M'Ling
The Great John L. ... Boarman
Bob Ozman ... Bullman
Fumio Demura ... Hyena Man
Gary Baxley ... Lionman
John Gillespie ... Tigerman
David S. Cass Sr. ... Bearman (as David Cass)

Pressbook is in GREAT shape. Features the image of man turning into beast on the cover like the original poster, and great scenes from this Sci-Fi thriller!

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MORE INFO ON MICHAEL YORK: Michael York was born in Fulmer, England, 27 March 1942. He performed on stage with the National Youth Theatre in London's East End and on international tour. Other early acting experience came through the Oxford University Dramatic Society (he graduated Oxford 1964), the Dundee Repertory, and Laurence Olivier's National Theater Company - where he worked with , who gave him his film as Lucentio in (1967) and his breakthrough role as Tybalt in (1968/I). He achieved early TV acclaim for his portrayal of Jolyon in (1967). Other notable early movie roles include Brian Roberts in (1972), Count Andrenyi in (1974) and D'Artagnan in several Musketeers films. He has starred in over 50 TV movies, continued stage work, starring on , made many spoken word recordings, written and lectured internationally. His autobiography (1993) was issued as "Accidentally on Purpose" in the U.S. and "Travelling Player" in Britain. He was in the hit (1999) with and . He had a great part in all of the "Austin Powers" films.

Stepfather of producer .

He was awarded the O.B.E. (Officer of the British Empire).

Good friend and mentor to actor . Lifelong friend to Casper's wife .

Was attached to (1978) at one stage.

Appeared in (1986) (TV), based on the book Vengeance by . In (2002), he appears with , who directed the remake, (2005).

Co-wrote a book with Adrian Brine called 'A Shakesperean actor prepares.'

Member of the jury at the Venice Film Festival in 1987.

Was the original choice to play Sgt. Howie in (1973) but was unavailable for the part. The part went to .

At age three, he broke his nose when he jumped off the roof of a coal house while trying to fly.

His father was an army officer turned businessman and his mother a musician.

Joined the National Theatre in January of 1965.

Provides a voice-over for one of the apes in (1987), which spoofed several science fiction series, but mainly (1977). His stepson, , produced the Star Wars prequels.

This item is part of our in-store inventory from our shop which is located in the heart of Hollywood where we have been in business for the past 40 years!

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