This is an 8 x 10" Black & White Photograph, of Greata Garbo, from the M.G.M. Metro-Goldwyn Mayer 1930 motion picture,

Anna Christie

Director: Clarence Brown

Written by: Frances Marion

Based on the play by Eugene O'Neill

It has been 15 years since Chris has sent 5 year old Anna to live with relatives in St. Paul, and now she is coming back. Anna needs rest and a place to stay so Chris moves Marthy off his barge. One night, going down the coast, they rescue 3 survivors of a boat sinking. The big strong Scot, named Matt, takes a liking to Anna and they go to Coney Island when they get back to land. Matt decides that he will marry Anna but Chris says no - as does Anna. Every male member of Chris's family has died at sea and Chris wants Anna to have children and a house on land. This causes friction between Chris and Matt so Anna sits them down and tells both of them the truth about her miserable life in Minnesota and the secret she has been carrying.

O'Neill's Pulitzer Prize Winner graced by Garbo

The entire cast included:

Greta Garbo ... Anna Christie
Charles Bickford ... Matt Burke
George F. Marion ... Chris Christofferson
Marie Dressler ... Marthy Owens
James T. Mack ... Johnny the Harp
Lee Phelps ... Larry - the Bartender

Photo is in good shape I am not sure of the year, an amazing MGM Hollywood star!

MORE INFO ON GRETA GARBO: Greta Lovisa Gustafsson was born in Stockholm, Sweden on September 18, 1905. She was 14 when her father died, leaving the family destitute. Greta was forced to leave school and go to work in a department store. The store used her for her modeling abilities for newspaper ads. She had no film aspirations until she appeared in an advertising short at that same department store while she was still a teenager. This led to another short film when , a comedy director, saw the film. He gave her a small part in the film, _Luffarpetter (1922)_. Encouraged by her own performance she applied for and won a scholarship in a Swedish drama school. While there she appeared in two films, (1921) and _Luffarpetter (1922)_ the following year. Both were small parts, but it was a start. Finally famed Swedish director, , pulled her from drama school for the leading role in (1924). At 18, Greta was on a roll. Following (1925) both Greta and Stiller were offered contracts with MGM. Her first US film was (1926). It was a silent film where she didn't have to speak a word of English. After a few more films, such as (1926), (1927/I), and (1928), Greta starred in (1930) (her first "talkie"), which not only gave her a powerful screen presence, but also gave her an Academy nomination as Best Actress. Unfortunately she didn't win. Later that year she filmed (1930) which was somewhat of a letdown, but bounced back as lead role in (1931) with . The film was a hit and led to another exciting title role in (1931). Greta continued to give intensified performances in whatever was handed her. The next year Greta was cast in another hit (1932). But it was MGM's (1935) where she, perhaps, gave the performance of her life. She was absolutely breathtaking in the title role as a woman torn between two lovers and her son. Greta starred in (1939) which showcased her comedic side. It wasn't until two years later she made what was to be her last film that being (1941), another comedy. After World War II, Greta, by her own admission, felt that the world had changed perhaps forever and she retired, never again to face the camera. She would work for the rest of her life to perpetuate the Garbo mystique. Her films, she felt, had their proper place in history and would gain in value. She abandoned Hollywood and moved to New York City. She would jet-set with some of the world's best known personalities such as and others. She spent time gardening flowers and vegetables. In 1954, Greta was given a special Oscar for past unforgettable performances. She even penned her biography in 1990. On April 15, 1990, Greta died of natural causes in New York and with it the "Garbo Mystique". She was 84.

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