This is an 8 x 10" Black & White Photograph of series star RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN and RAYMOND MASSEY and a patient, from the hit 1960's medical drama,

Dr. Kildare

The dramatic relationship between a young medical intern and his surgeon mentor.

Dr. James Kildare was a young and dedicated intern with Blair General Hospital. His boss, mentor and father figure was Dr. Leonard Gillespie, and together they tended to the physical ailments of their patients--sometimes even becoming involved in their personal problems as well. Later, as Kildare became more confident and secure in his abilities, he was promoted to resident, but his dedication to his patients never wavered.

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MORE INFO ON RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN: Actor Richard Chamberlain was the leading TV heartthrob of the early 60s. As Dr. Kildare, the slim butter-haired hunk with the near-perfect Ivy-League good looks and charming demeanor became a huge celebrity and had the girls all fawning over him. Born George Richard Chamberlain in Beverly Hills on March 31, 1934, Richard excelled in track as a student, later developing an interest in acting while attending Pomona College. He lost an initial chance to sign with Paramount, who became interested in him right after graduation, as he was obliged to serve in Korea for 16 months. He headed for Hollywood soon after his discharge and within a couple of years had worked up a decent resumé with a number of visible guest spots. With(1961), however, he became an "overnight" sensation and huge pin-up fan. The attention was phenomenal. He advanced into the usual soapy film leads befitting such a star but(1963) withand(1965) oppositedid not score for him screen fame. He was considered a TV commodity only. More interested in a reputation as a serious actor than the trivial adulation of youthful fans, the charismatic actor turned his back on Hollywood and devoted himself to the stage. An important role in director's(1968) led Richard to England where he tested his mettle as a classical stage performer. His bravura performances as "Hamlet" (1969) and "Richard II" (1972) won over the not-so-easy-to-impress British audiences. With his new image in tact, Richard felt ready to return to America. He won renewed respect and a huge TV following once again, but this time as the "King of 80s Mini-movies". The monumental success of such challenging productions as(1983) and _"Shogun" (1980/II) (mini)_ put him right back on top. Richard even won modest box-office popularity with(1973) as Aramis, and(1974) as an arch villain, and earned small cult status for the Aussie film(1977). Enormously private, Richard moved to Hawaii quite some time ago and at age 69 decided to "come out" with a tell-all biography entitled "Shattered Love," in which he candidly discusses the anguish of hiding his homosexuality to protect his image throughout his long career.

MORE INFO ON RAYMOND MASSEY: Educated at Toronto University & Balliol College, Oxford, he joined the Canadian Field Artillery in World War I, served in France & was wounded. His first appearance was in a stage production in Siberia, during its occupation by American Forces in 1918. Raymond returned to Canada & the farm implement business after the war, but footlights proved a greater allure than ploughshares. He appeared at the Everyman Theatre, London in "In the Zone" in 1922 and from then his acting career never looked back. As adept in front of arc lights as the footlights, he was signed up for a 5 year contract by. Major Massey was invalided from the Canadian Army in 1943. Raymond is devoted to his American wife Dorothy, to whom he refers all queries and problems. He has an ardent radio following in the States and has now become an American citizen. This is natural as his forebears were American for generations. A bad traveller, Raymond hates the sea and aeroplanes. A good sportsman, he excels at golf and fishing, A scholar, he loves good literature. A modest man, he regards himself as supremely uninteresting.

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