Great ORIGINAL 8 x 10" Black & White PHOTOGRAPH from UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, comedy motion picture for the 1950 comedy film,


Director: Frederick De Cordova

Screenplay by: George W. George & George F. Slavin

When Professor Brookfield and his pretty daughters Peggy and Susan move into the small town Pasadena in California, their new neighbor Mrs. Fielding immediately takes over control, helps them moving in, and urges the girls to participate in the annual Rose Bowl beauty pageant. Although they're not thrilled, they enter the competition. Meanwhile Mrs. Fielding's son Tom makes eyes at Peggy, unknowing that her heart already belongs to a famous football star. So she tries to redirect his interest to her sister Susan.

The entire cast included:

Diana Lynnq ... Peggy Brookfield
Charles Coburn ... Professor 'Brooks' Brookfield
Charlotte Greenwood ... Mrs. Emelia Fielding
Barbara Lawrence ... Susan Brookfield
Charles Drake ... Tom Fielding
Rock Hudson ... Johnny 'Scat' Mitchell
Connie Gilchrist ... Miss Zim, the Nurse
Griff Barnett ... Dr. Philip Wilcox
James Todd ... Mr. Gardiner
Jerome Cowan ... Fred Collins
Charles Trowbridge ... Dean William Stockwell
Ellen Corby ... Mrs. Privet, the Librarian
Donna Martell ... Contestant
James Best ... Frank Addison
Lucille Barkley ... Contestant

Photo features a nice scene with Diana Lynn, Charles Coburn and Jerowme Cowan. Nice ORIGINAL Photo from UNIVERSAL STUDIOS.

Nice Photo if you liked this film!

MORE INFO ON DIANA LYNN: She was a child prodigy, pianist, at age 10, and her first movie role was one of the children in, "They Shall Have Music" (1939). You see her playing the piano. She made another movie using her 'real name' - Dolly in, "There's Magic in Music" (1941). She signed a long term contract with Paramount in 1942, and had her named changed to Diana Lynn. She had good roles in, "The Major, and the Minor" (1942); "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek", and, "Our Hearts Were Young, and Gay" - both in 1944. She had fewer roles as she matured; she did do, "Bedtime for Bonzo" (1951), but had a nice career on TV shows. She died of a stroke when she was making a

in film. Her marriages were from 1948 to 1954 to architect John C. Lindsay; no children; then in December 6,1956, she married Mortimer C.Hall, president of L.A. radio station, KLAC. His mother was Dorothy Schiff, publisher then of the 'New York Post'. She had four children with him between 1958, and 1964. They moved to New York City so he could assume a post on his mother's paper. She passed away on December 17, 1971 of a stroke/brain hemorrhage in Los Angeles.

Retired for the most part in 1970 to become the director of GO (Travel) Agency in Manhattan, but died a year later at age 45, just nine days after suffering a stroke.

Although she was semi-retired and living in New York in 1971, Paramount offered her the role of Anthony Perkins' wife in

(1972). She returned to Los Angeles in preparation for her role, but suffered a fatal stroke before filming began.

In the late 60s, she operated "GO," a travel agency which was situated at a Bonwit Teller store in New York.

Her father, Louis William Loehr, was a prosperous oil company exec and her mother, the former Eartha Thes, an accomplished pianist and teacher who guided Diana's early musical career. By age 12, the young prodigy was playing with the Los Angeles Junior Symphony Orchestra.

Starred with the late

in the highly popular movie (1944), in which she played writer and Russell played close friend and author . Ironically, both Kimbrough and Skinner would outlive their 20-odd-years younger screen portrayers.

Her first husband's mother was Dorothy Schiff, longtime owner and publisher of the New York Post.

Her accomplishments as a pianist were evident in her early Hollywood days when she made several important recordings, including Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue!

Proved to be a highly-praised Broadway performer, and critical appreciation was strong. She followed Barbara BelGeddes in the title role in 'Mary Mary' to acclaim, and starred in both new plays and comedies as well as revivals.

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