This is an ORIGINAL 8" x 10" Teenage Trash Bad Boy 1950's black & white Scene still Photograph with small top border tear, to promote the 1957 Bad Boy motion picture,

Teenage Thunder

Revved-up youth on a thrill rampage!

"Chicken" is not just a word ... it's murder!

Director: Paul Helmick

Writers: Rudy Makoul (screenplay), Paul Helmick (additional dialogue)

Stars: Chuck Courtney, Melinda Byron and Robert Fuller

Howco Productions, purveyors of many a drive-in "classic" of the 1950s, was responsible for Teenage Thunder. Charles Courtney (usually billed as "Chuck" in his supporting-player appearances) stars as a young gas station attendant with a fondness for hot rods. Despite objections from his father, Courtney manages to enter several big races. When he wins the biggest race, dad finally comes around to his way of thinking. Not unexpectedly, the film's best scenes take place on the racetrack.

The entire cast included

Chuck Courtney ... Johnnie Simpson
Melinda Byron ... Betty Palmer
Robert Fuller ... Maurie Weston
Tyler McVey ... Frank Simpson
Paul Bryar ... Bert Morrison
Helene Heigh ... Aunt Martha Simpson
Gil Perkins ... Sgt. Benson (as Gilbert Perkins)
Bing Russell ... Used-Car Salesman
Gregory Marshall ... Jimmy Morrison
Marshall Kent ... Mr. Palmer
Mona McKinnon ... Betty's Sister

Photo shows Chuck Courtney in trouble!

MORE INFO ON ROBERT FULLER: Robert Fuller (born July 29, 1934(1934-07-29)) is an American actor, best known for starring roles on the popular 1960sseriesandas well as his work in the popular 1970s medical drama.

An only child, Fuller was born Buddy Lee in, to Betty Simpson, a dance instructor. Prior to Lee's birth, Simpson married Robert Simpson, Sr., aofficer. The family moved to, where Lee took the name of his parents, becoming Robert Simpson, Jr.. The early highlights of Simpson's life were acting and dancing (his parents owned a dancing school), and after graduating from the Miami Military Academy in 1952, he traveled towith his family, where Fuller's first job was a. He also worked at the prestigious. Upon establishing his acting career, he changed his name to "Robert Fuller."

Fuller's first small role was 1952's. This part led to landing in a few small roles such as I Love Melvin. In 1953, he again had another minor part in, which starred, but Fuller's career came to an abrupt halt when he was drafted into the. He did a tour of duty in Korea, and came back a couple of years after the war in 1955.

Fuller had considered another career, but at his parents' suggestion, he attended's acting classes, under the tutelage ofat, and reconsidered.

Fuller landed a small role in, where he worked with his futureco-star. Director William Wyner suggested to Fuller that he grow sideburns for the role, and was offered the part when he did.

The following year, his first major movie role was Teenage Thunder,


I always wanted to be in show business and with the help of my best buddy,, who was an actor then, he helped get me my first starring role in a movie called. It was a break for me and since Chuck had the pull at the time to get the director,, use me for the bad guy and not another actor he really wanted, it was the gateway to many other roles which lead to Laramie series and so on and so forth.

And in 1957, he also starred in thefilm The Brain From Planet Arous.

Fuller also portrayed a gruff military pilot in the infamous box office dud, a movie which he (understandably) dislikes talking about to this day.

Fuller became an immensely-popular, guest-in dozens of, includingin 1956,, Official Detective,,(in the role of "Cutie Jaffe" on May 7, 1959),,,,, Lux Playhouse,, The Restless Gun ,, and Strange Intruder, where he played awho died in the third episode. He also made more appearances inand, among many others. His guest-starring appearance onled him to his starring in his ownlater that year, Laramie, one of the few network television programs set in.

Fuller landed the role of Jess Harper on theseries, which ran from 1959 to 1963. His co-stars wereand. When Laramie""? ended its run, Fuller jumped to another western,, where he replaced(whom he closely resembled) in the role of the wagon train's scout. While Horton had worn a dark cowboy hat, Fuller wore a light one, presumably so that viewers would realize that a change had occurred. Fuller remained with the series, which switched tountil it ended its run in 1965.

Over the next six years, Fuller would appear in a handful of nondescript films; it seemed his career was stalling as the western was slowly being retired from the American film industry. The one exception was his role as Vin in(1966) which was a modest, if lackluster, sequel to.

After producersaw Fuller in the movie, he insisted Fuller star in his new NBC,. Fuller was reluctant to play a doctor, but the persistent Webb persuaded him to accept the role of head physician, Dr. Kelly Brackett. During its first season, as ain the 1971""1972 season, it became a smash hit. In 1977, after a six-season run, Emergency! was put on hiatus, despite good ratings, and was eventually canceled in 1979 after eight and a half seasons and 134 episodes.

In the 1980s and 1990s Fuller playedin more than 20 television shows, including,,,,,, and. Toward the end of his acting career, he played Wade Harper on the last episode ofwith.

By the 1990s, Fuller had largely retired from the film business. He has been married to actress Jennifer Savidge (best known for TV's) since 2001. Formerly he was married to Patricia Lee Lyon, with whom he has three children. The two were divorced after twenty-two years of marriage in 1984.

In mid-2004, Fuller and Jennifer Savidge moved from Los Angeles to, where they live on a ranch.

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