This is an ORIGINAL Television Series Synopsis Script written by Prolific television writer, GEORGE WAGGNER. This Synopsis script is dated January 29, 1964. It is complete with 76 pages.

It has his name typed on the front the way he would always type it george waGGner.

The Pilot script is titled


This pilot featured around Mike George, a good looking young heavy weight prize fighter. He inherits fashionable upscale modiste couture stop in the upper end of New York City. He deals with fashion designers, and sports columnists following his heavyweight boxing career and his new flare for fashion where he is dubbed, Madame Mike.

It's a fun read if you like the work of this writer.

MORE INFO ON GEORGE WAGGNER: George Waggner (September 7, 1894 - December 11, 1984) was anAmericanfilm director,producerandactor.

Born inNew York City, he made his film debut as Yousayef inThe Sheik(1921). He later went on to appearances in Western films. The first film he directed wasWestern Trails(1938) and his most well-known directorial effort arguably remainsThe Wolf Man(1941). In the 1960s, he directed episodes of the television seriesMaverick, Batman, andThe Man from U.N.C.L.E.. He also directedJohn WayneandOliver Hardywearingcoonskin capsinThe Fighting Kentuckian(1949), in which his daughter, Shy Waggner, appeared in a cameo. Waggner's career in film declined in the 1950s, due to the popularity oftelevision, and he eventually moved to television late in the decade. Many of his television credits, such as Maverick and Batman , have his name spelled as "george waGGner."

Waggner wrote the filmQueen of the YukonwithJack London.

His wife was Danny Shannon. The couple had only one child, Shy, born in 1924.







"Batman" (10 episodes, 1966-1967)

-Louie, the Lilac(1967) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Wail of the Siren(1967) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Flop Goes the Joker(1967) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Pop Goes the Joker(1967) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Catwoman Goeth(1966) TV episode (as george waGGner)

(5 more)

"The Man from U.N.C.L.E."(7 episodes, 1966-1967)

-The Cap and Gown Affair(1967) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The When in Roma Affair(1967) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Hot Number Affair(1967) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The It's All Greek to Me Affair(1967) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Take Me to Your Leader Affair(1966) TV episode (as george waGGner)

(2 more)

"The Green Hornet"(1 episode, 1967) ... aka The Kato Show (Hong Kong: English title: informal title)

-Seek, Stalk, and Destroy(1967) TV episode (as george waGGner)

The Wolfman(1966) (archive footage)

"77 Sunset Strip"(41 episodes, 1959-1963)

-The Checkmate Caper(1963) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Left Field Caper(1963) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Target Island(1963) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Stranger from the Sea(1963) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Escape to Freedom(1963) TV episode (as george waGGner)

(36 more)

"Cheyenne"(7 episodes, 1959-1962)

-Johnny Brassbuttons(1962) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Satonka(1962) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Idol(1962) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Day's Pay(1961) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Gold, Glory and Custer - Requiem(1960) TV episode (as george waGGner)

(2 more)

"Surfside 6"(5 episodes, 1960-1962)

-Midnight for Prince Charming(1962) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Money Game(1962) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Surfside Swindle(1962) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-A Matter of Seconds(1961) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-According to Our Files(1960) TV episode (as george waGGner)

"Bronco"(2 episodes, 1962)

-Then the Mountains(1962) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Destinies West(1962) TV episode (as george waGGner)

Red Nightmare(1962) (as george waGGner) ... aka The Commies Are Coming, the Commies Are Coming (USA: video title)

Gold, Glory and Custer(1962)

Fury River(1961)

"The Roaring 20's"(7 episodes, 1960-1961)

-The Salvation of Killer McFadden(1961) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-War with the Nighthawkers(1961) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Lucky Charm(1961) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Maestro(1961) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Bold Edition(1960) TV episode (as george waGGner)

(2 more)

"Maverick"(3 episodes, 1959-1961)

-The Cactus Switch(1961) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-You Can't Beat the Percentage(1959) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Sheriff of Duck 'n' Shoot(1959) TV episode (as george waGGner)

"The Alaskans"(1 episode, 1960)

-Disaster at Gold Hill(1960) TV episode (as george waGGner)

"Colt .45"(2 episodes, 1959-1960)

-Arizona Anderson(1960) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Magic Box(1959) TV episode (as george waGGner)

"Northwest Passage" (5 episodes, 1958-1959)

-Death Rides the Wind(1959) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Secret of the Cliff(1959) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Counterfeiters(1959) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-War Sign(1958) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Fight at the River(1958) TV episode (as george waGGner)

Mission of Danger(1959) (as george waGGner)

The Veil(1958) (TV) (uncredited)

"Tales of Wells Fargo"(4 episodes, 1957-1958)

-The Renegade(1958) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Jesse James(1957) TV episode

-Renegade Raiders(1957) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Bounty(1957) TV episode (as george waGGner)

Destination Nightmare(1958) (TV) (uncredited)

"Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre"(1 episode, 1958) ... aka Jane Wyman Presents (USA: rerun title) ... aka Jane Wyman Theater (USA: alternative title)

-Tunnel Eight(1958) TV episode (as george waGGner)

"Telephone Time"(2 episodes, 1957-1958)

-Cavalry Surgeon(1958) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Passport to Life(1957) TV episode (as george waGGner)

"The Veil"(4 episodes, 1958)

-Genesis(1958) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Girl on the Road(1958) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Summer Heat(1958) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Doctors(1958) TV episode (as george waGGner)

Jack the Ripper(1958) (TV) (uncredited)

"Wagon Train"(2 episodes, 1957) ... aka Major Adams, Trail Master

-The Cliff Grundy Story(1957) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The John Cameron Story(1957) TV episode (as george waGGner)

"Code 3"(4 episodes, 1957)

-Night of Terror(1957) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Sniper(1957) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Case 2206(1957) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Suspect Number One(1957) TV episode (as george waGGner)

Pawnee(1957) (as george waGGner) ... aka Pale Arrow (UK)

"The O. Henry Playhouse"(2 episodes, 1957)

-Between Rounds(1957) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Fourth in Salvador(1957) TV episode (as george waGGner)

Destination 60,000(1957)

"Screen Directors Playhouse"(2 episodes, 1955-1956)

-The Sword of Villon(1956) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Arroyo(1955) TV episode (as george waGGner)

"Crossroads"(1 episode, 1956)

-The Inner Light(1956) TV episode (as george waGGner)

"Big Town"(3 episodes, 1954-1955) ... aka Byline Steve Wilson ... aka City Assignment ... aka Headline ... aka Heart of the City

-The Sniper(1955) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Hot Car Murder(1954) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-Semper Fi(1954) TV episode (as george waGGner)

"The Adventures of Falcon"(1 episode, 1954)

-Borderline Case(1954) TV episode (as george waGGner)

"The Lone Wolf"(4 episodes) ... aka Streets of Danger (USA: syndication title)

-Skid Row(????) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Carnival Story(????) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Italian Story(????) TV episode (as george waGGner)

-The Runaway Story (a.k.a. Death of a Lawyer)(????) TV episode (as george waGGner)

Operation Pacific(1951)

The Fighting Kentuckian (1949)

Gunfighters(1947) ... aka The Assassin (UK)


Shady Lady(1945)

Frisco Sal(1945)

The Climax(1944)

Sealed Lips(1942)

The Wolf Man(1941)

South of Tahiti(1941)

Horror Island(1941)

Man Made Monster(1941) ... aka Atomic Monster (USA: reissue title) ... aka Mysterious Dr. R ... aka The Electric Man (UK)

Drums of the Desert(1940)

Stunt Pilot (1939)

Wolf Call(1939)

Mystery Plane(1939) (as george waGGner)

Honor of the West(1939)

The Phantom Stage(1939)

Ghost Town Riders(1938)

Prairie Justice(1938) (as george waGGner)

Guilty Trails(1938)

Black Bandit(1938)

Outlaw Express(1938)

Western Trails(1938)






"Bonanza" (1 episode, 1964) ... aka Ponderosa (USA: rerun title)

-The Lila Conrad Story(1964) TV episode (story)

"Bronco"(1 episode, 1962)

-Then the Mountains(1962) TV episode (writer)

Fury River(1961) (writer)

"77 Sunset Strip"(2 episodes, 1960)

-The Antwerp Caper(1960) TV episode (teleplay and story)

-Created He Them(1960) TV episode (teleplay) (as george waGGner)

"Cheyenne"(1 episode, 1960)

-Home Is the Brave(1960) TV episode (story)

"Maverick" (1 episode, 1959)

-You Can't Beat the Percentage(1959) TV episode (writer)

"African Patrol"(1 episode, 1958)

-Snake in the Grass(1958) TV episode (teleplay) (as george waGGner)

"Northwest Passage"(3 episodes, 1958)

-The Hostage(1958) TV episode (written by) (as george WaGGner)

-War Sign(1958) TV episode (written by) (as george waGGner)

-Fight at the River(1958) TV episode (teleplay) (as george waGGner)

"M Squad"(1 episode, 1958)

-The Case of the Double Face(1958) TV episode (story & teleplay) (as george waGGner)

Destination Nightmare(1958) (TV) (writer)

Man from God's Country(1958) (written by)

"The Veil"(1 episode, 1958)

-Girl on the Road(1958) TV episode (writer) (as george waGGner)

Pawnee(1957) (writer) ... aka Pale Arrow (UK)

"The O. Henry Playhouse"(4 episodes, 1957)

-Between Rounds(1957) TV episode (writer)

-Fourth in Salvador(1957) TV episode (writer)

-Man About Town(1957) TV episode (writer)

-The Reformation of Calliope(1957) TV episode (writer)

Destination 60,000(1957) (writer)

"Screen Directors Playhouse"(1 episode, 1955)

-Arroyo(1955) TV episode (writer)

"Big Town"(1 episode, 1955) ... aka Byline Steve Wilson ... aka City Assignment ... aka Headline ... aka Heart of the City

-The Sniper(1955) TV episode (written by)

Return from the Sea(1954) (writer)

Bitter Creek(1954) (writer)

"The Lone Wolf"(2 episodes) ... aka Streets of Danger (USA: syndication title)

-Skid Row(????) TV episode (teleplay)

-The Carnival Story(????) TV episode (teleplay)

Operation Pacific(1951) (written by)

The Fighting Kentuckian (1949) (written by)

Sweetheart of Sigma Chi(1946) (story)

The Climax(1944) (librettos)

Sealed Lips(1942) (screenplay) (story "Beyond the Law")

Flying Cadets(1941) (original screenplay) (as Joseph West)

Father Steps Out(1941) (screenplay) (as Joseph West)

Man Made Monster(1941) (screenplay) (as Joseph West) ... aka Atomic Monster (USA: reissue title) ... aka Mysterious Dr. R ... aka The Electric Man (UK)

Phantom of Chinatown(1940) (screenplay) (as Joseph West)

Drums of the Desert(1940) (screenplay) (as Joseph West)

Queen of the Yukon(1940) (screenplay) (as Joseph West)

Laughing at Danger(1940) (screenplay) (as Joseph West) (story) (as Joseph West)

On the Spot(1940) (story and screenplay) (as Joseph West)

Son of the Navy(1940) (screenplay) (as Joseph West) ... aka The Young Recruit (USA: alternative title)
The Fatal Hour(1940) (adaptation) (as Joseph West) ... aka Mr. Wong at Headquarters (UK)

Sky Patrol (1939) (screenplay) (as Joseph West)

Oklahoma Terror(1939) (screenplay) (as Joseph West)

Stunt Pilot(1939) (writer) (as Joseph West)

Wolf Call(1939) (screenplay) (as Joseph West)

Mystery Plane(1939) (screenplay) (as Joseph West)

Honor of the West(1939) (story and screenplay) (as Joseph West)

The Phantom Stage(1939) (writer) (as Joseph West)

Ghost Town Riders(1938) (writer) (as Joseph West)

Prairie Justice(1938) (story and screenplay) (as Joseph West)

Guilty Trails(1938) (writer) (as Joseph West)

Black Bandit(1938) (story and screenplay) (as Joseph West)

Western Trails(1938) (screenplay) (as Joseph West)

Air Devils(1938) (screenplay)

State Police(1938) (original story and screenplay)

Midnight Intruder(1938) (writer)

The Spy Ring(1938) (screenplay)

Idol of the Crowds(1937) (screenplay) (story "Hell on Ice")

Three Legionnaires(1937) (writer) ... aka Three Crazy Legionnaires

I Cover the War(1937) (screenplay)

Sea Spoilers(1936) (screenplay)

Don't Get Personal(1936) (writer)

Cappy Ricks Returns(1935) (screenplay)

Cheers of the Crowd(1935) (screenplay) (story)

Champagne for Breakfast(1935) (writer)

Keeper of the Bees(1935) (screenplay)

The Healer(1935) (continuity) (dialogue) ... aka Little Pal (USA: reissue title)

Dizzy Dames(1935) (screenplay)

The Cowboy Millionaire(1935) (screenplay)

The Nut Farm(1935) (writer)

Girl o' My Dreams(1934) (story and screenplay) ... aka Love Race
Once to Every Bachelor(1934) (writer) ... aka Once to Every Man (UK)
The Line-Up(1934) (story and screenplay) ... aka Identity Parade (UK)

City Limits(1934) (adaptation and screenplay)

He Couldn't Take It(1933) (additional dialogue) ... aka One of the Many (UK)
The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi(1933) (story) ... aka Girl of My Dreams (UK)
Gorilla Ship(1932) (screenplay) (story) ... aka Vengeance Rides the Sea (USA: TV title)





The Wolfman (1966) (producer) (archive footage)

"The Alaskans" (1959) TV series (producer) (unknown episodes)

Shady Lady (1945) (producer)

Frisco Sal(1945) (producer)

The Climax(1944) (producer)

Gypsy Wildcat(1944) (producer)

Cobra Woman(1944) (producer)

Phantom of the Opera(1943) (producer)

White Savage(1943) (associate producer) ... aka White Captive (UK)
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man(1943) (producer) ... aka Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (USA: video box title)

Sin Town(1942) (producer)

Invisible Agent(1942) (associate producer)

Men of Texas(1942) (associate producer) ... aka Men of Destiny (UK)

The Ghost of Frankenstein(1942) (producer)

The Wolf Man(1941) (produced by)

South of Tahiti(1941) (producer)

Badlands of Dakota(1941) (associate producer)

MORE INFO ON SHELLEY WINTERS: Shelley Winters (August 18, 1920 - January 14, 2006) was an-winning Americanwho appeared in dozens of films, as well as on stage and television.

Winters was born Shirley Schrift in, the daughter ofparents Rose (Winter), a singer with, and Jonas Schrift, a designer of men's clothing. Her family moved towhen she was three years old. She studied in the Hollywood Studio Club, sharing the same bedroom with another beginner,.

As theobituary noted, "A major movie presence for more than five decades, Shelley Winters turned herself into a widely respected actress who won two." Winters originally broke into Hollywood as "the Blonde Bombshell", but quickly tired of the role's limitations. She washed off her makeup and played against type to set up's beauty in,still a landmark American film. As thereported, the general public was unaware of how serious a craftswoman Winters was. "Although she was in demand as a character actress, Winters continued to study her craft. She attended's Shakespeare classes and worked at, both as student and teacher."

Her first movie was What a Woman! (1943). Working in films (in mostly bit roles) through the forties, Winters' first achieved stardom with her breakout performance as the victim of insane actorin's, in 1948. She quickly ascended inwith leading roles in(1949) and(1950), opposite. But it was her performance in, a departure from the sexpot image that her studio,, was building up for her at the time, that first brought Shelley Winters acclaim, earning a nomination for thefor.

Throughout the 1950s, Winters continued in films, most notably in's masterpiece, 1955's, withand. She also returned to the stage on various occasions during this time, including a Broadway run in. In 1959, she won anforforand another for(1965).

Notable later roles included her lauded performance as the man-hungry Charlotte in's, oppositein, as the once gorgeous, alcoholic former starlet "Fay Estabrook" in Harper (both 1966), in(1972) as the ill-fated Belle Rosen (for which she received her final Oscar nomination), and in(1976). She also returned to the stage during the 1960s and 1970s, most notably in'. Unfortunately, her prestigious work during this period tended to be undermined by her forays into camp kitsch with films like 1968'sand 1971's. Always conscious of her Jewish heritage"€"she had first learned her trade in the"€"she donated her Oscar forto thein.

As the Associated Press reported, "During her fifty years as a widely known personality, Winters was rarely out of the news. Her stormy marriages, her romances with famous stars, her forays into politics and feminist causes kept her name before the public. She delighted in giving provocative interviews and seemed to have an opinion on everything."

That led to a second career as a writer. Though not an overwhelming beauty, her acting, wit, and "chutzpah" gave her a love life to rival Monroe's. In late life, she recalled her conquests in autobiographies so popular they undermined her reputation as a serious actor. She wrote of a yearly rendezvous she kept with, as well as her affairs with,and.

Winters suffered a significant weight gain later in life, frequently stating that it was a marketing tool, since there were plenty of prominent normal-weight older actresses but fewer overweight ones, and her obesity would enable her to find work more easily. In 1973 Winters even put on a short-livedmusical revue entitled "The Hoofing Hollywood Heifer", co-starring Charles Nelson Reilly and Bongo, a tap-dancing chimp. Although it closed after only eight performances, this show was applauded for its sheer campy bravado by many critics, one of whom stated that Winters was a "Whale of a Talent looking for a sea of applause big enough to rest her massive girth."

Audiences born in the 1980s knew her primarily for the autobiographies and for her television work, in which she played a humorous parody of her public persona. In a recurring role in the 1990s, Winters played the title character'son the.Her final film roles were supporting ones, as's wife in(1996), and as a bitter nursing home administrator in 1999's.

She was married four times. Her husbands were:

Capt. Mack Paul Mayer, whom she married on, 1943; they divorced in October 1948. Mayer was unable to deal with Shelley's "Hollywood lifestyle" and wanted a "traditional homemaker" for a wife. Winters wore his wedding ring up until her death and kept their relationship very private.

, whom she married on April 28, 1952; they divorced on June 2, 1954. They had one child, Vittoria born February 14, 1953, a physician, who practices internal medicine atin. She was Winters' only child.

, whom she married on May 4, 1957; they divorced on November 18, 1960.

, on January 14, 2006, hours before her death.

Shortly before her death, Winters married long-time companion, with whom she had lived for nineteen years. Though Winters' god-daughter objected to the marriage, the actress, performed the wedding ceremony for the two at Winters' deathbed. Non-denominational last rites for Winters were also performed by Kirkland, a minister of the. Winters also had a romance withthat became a long-term friendship. She starred with him in the 1951 film,, as well as in a 1957 television production of's novel,.

Winters died on January 14, 2006 of at the Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills; she had suffered aon October 14, 2005. Her third ex-husbanddied of a stroke five days later.

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