This is an original Magazine from 1972, OVER 40 Years old!!! It is a VINTAGE mint Magazine,


This Magazine gave all the information about "Old Hollywood" through-out the 1960's through 80's. It covered the timeless stars, classic movie stars!

This one features a cover shot from LAURA of legendary actress,


It has great photo of her from the film. Also inside, a two-page article on JEAN PARKER and her "comeback."

There is a three page story on W.C. Fields showing him playing golf.

There is a two page on famed animal stars, LASSIE, FLUFFY THE LION, The LEOPARD from BRINGING UP BABY.


Magazine is in great shape!!! Nice for fans of OLD HOLLYWOOD!!!

MORE INFO ON GENE TIERNEY: Gene Tierney (November 19, 1920 - November 6, 1991) was an Americanandactress. Acclaimed as one of the great beauties of her day, she is best-remembered for her performance in the title role of(1944) and her-nominated performance forin(1945). Other notable roles include Martha Strable Van Cleve in(1943), Isabel Bradley Maturin in(1946), Lucy Muir in(1947), Ann Sutton in(1949), Maggie Carleton McNulty in(1951) and Anne Scott in(1955)Tierney was born Gene Eliza Tierney in,, the daughter of Howard Sherwood Tierney and Belle Lavina Taylor. She had an elder brother, Howard Sherwood "Butch" Tierney, Jr., and a younger sister, Patricia âPat" Tierney. Her father was a prosperousofdescent, her mother a formerteacher.

Tierney attended St. Margaret's School in,, and the Unquowa School in, Connecticut. Her first poem, entitled "Night," was published in the school magazine, and writingbecame an occasional pastime during the rest of her life. She then spent two years inand attended the Brillantmontin,, where she learned to speak fluent.

Tierney returned to the U.S. in 1938 and attended. On a trip to the, she visitedstudios. The, who was so taken by the seventeen-year-old's beauty, told her that she should become an actress. Warner Bros. wanted to sign her to a contract, but her parents advised against it because of the low salary.

Tierney's coming-out party as aoccurred on September 24, 1938, when she was 17 years old. She was bored with society life and decided to pursue a career in acting. Her father felt "If Gene is to be an actress, it should be in the legitimate theatre.âTierney studied acting at a smallin.

In Tierney"s first part on, she carried a bucket of water across the stage in What a Life! (1938). Amagazine critic declared, "Miss Tierney is certainly the most beautiful water carrier I"ve ever seen!" At the same time, she was an understudy for The Primrose Path (1938). The next year, she appeared in the role as Molly O' Day in the Broadway production Mrs. O' Brien Entertains (1939).criticwrote, "As an Irish maiden fresh from the old country, Gene Tierney in her first stage performance is very pretty and refreshingly modest."That same year, Tierney appeared as Peggy Carr in Two (1939) to favorable reviews. Theater criticof thewrote, "I see no reason why Miss Tierney should not have an interesting theatrical career, that is if cinema does not kidnap her away."

Tierney's father set up a corporation, Belle-Tier, to fund and promote her acting career (He went on to steal all of her money).signed her to a six-month contract in 1939. She also met, who tried unsuccessfully to seduce her, but she was from a well-to-do family and was not impressed by Hughes' wealth. He did, however, become a lifelong friend. A cameraman advised Tierney to lose a little weight, saying "a thinner face is more seductive." Tierney then wrote tofor a diet, which she followed for the next twenty-five years. Years later Tierney was quoted as saying, "I love to eat. For all of Hollywood's rewards, I was hungry for most of those twenty-five years." Tierney was offered the lead role in.

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GENE TIERNEY Jean Parker Original Hollywood Studio Magazine
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