This is a set of 8 ORIGINAL Lobby Cards from PARAMOUNT PICTURES. Each Card measures 11" x 17" They do have surface/edgewear from use and light creases on a couple. They were used to promote the classic 1948 Family Drama,


Director: Robert Emmett Tansey

Screenplay by Maxwell Shane

Your Heart Will Pound With This Great Animal Adventure of a Boy and His Dog ... And a Woman's Love That Started a Bitter Mountain Feud

Soon after rancher Bob Calvin introduces his city-bred bride Laura to his mother Tessie and eight-year-old son Robbie, she shrieks at the sight of Robbie's pet raccoon. Realizing that Laura fears animals, Bob asks his son to remove the raccoon from the house. Despite Laura's repeated efforts to win Robbie's acceptance, the banishment of his pet raccoon causes Robbie to resent her presence. Later, Robbie nearly loses his dog Shaggy to a group of angry ranchers, led by Gonnell, who blame Shaggy for the death of their sheep. Bob and Robbie insist that Shaggy is innocent, and manage to prevent the ranchers from killing the dog. Meanwhile, Laura tries to mend her relationship with Robbie by befriending his raccoon. Robbie admires Laura's interest in his pet, but on his ninth birthday, he discovers that his raccoon has been poisoned, and immediately accuses Laura of killing him. Laura denies the accusation, and is heartbroken when she realizes that Bob also believes that she poisoned the raccoon. Later that night, Shaggy runs off with a white wolf, and the two animals are seen by a rancher near the site where two sheep were killed by a mountain lion. Shaggy attempts to defend the wolf when the mountain lion attacks her, and returns home covered with the wolf's blood. The following day, Gonnell and the other ranchers accuse Shaggy of the sheep-killing, but Bob, who does not know that Shaggy escaped from the house the night before, tells them that Shaggy was inside all night. After another sheep killing, Bob finds blood on Shaggy's fur and decides that the dog must be destroyed. Determined to save his dog, Robbie rescues Shaggy from the barn moments before Bob arrives with his rifle, and releases the dog into the wilderness. Bob fires his rifle at the running dog, but Shaggy escapes unharmed. Robbie then chases after Shaggy, and Laura, believing that Bob was being too harsh with his son, follows Robbie on horseback. Laura eventually finds Robbie, but while walking home, the two are threatened by the mountain lion. Things look bad for Laura and Robbie until Shaggy arrives and fights off the mountain lion. The lion nearly kills Shaggy, but Bob arrives in time to kill the animal. Evidence is later discovered implicating the mountain lion as the sheep killer, and Shaggy is cleared of all wrongdoing and allowed to return to the Calvins.

The entire cast included:

Brenda Joyce ... Laura Calvin
Georgie Nokes ... Robbie Calvin (as George Nokes)
Robert Shayne ... Bob Calvin
Jody Gilbert ... Tessie
Ralph Sanford ... Fuzzie
Alex Frazer ... Mac
William Haade ... Gonnell
Dan White ... Joe Simms
Shaggy the Dog ... Shaggy

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MORE INFO ON BRENDA JOYCE: Brenda Joyce (February 25, 1917 July 4, 2009) was an American film actress. She was born as Betty Graftina Leabo in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, although family and friends referred to her as Graftina.

Although she appeared in many B-movies of the 1940s, she is best-remembered as the seventh actress to play Jane in the Tarzan series of films. She succeeded Maureen O'Sullivan in the series and appeared in the role five times.

Her first four appearances as Jane were opposite Johnny Weissmuller. However, her last performance as Jane, in Tarzan's Magic Fountain (1949), was with Lex Barker as Tarzan. Joyce and Karla Schramm from the silent era were the only two actresses to play Jane opposite two different actors playing Tarzan.

She retired from acting in 1949.

It is part of our in-store inventory from our shop which is located in the heart of Hollywood where we have been in business for the past 40 years!

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SHAGGY Lobby Card SET George Nokes BRENDA JOYCE 1948
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