Movie Posters GarageBacklot Movie Memorabilia is a leading provider of original vintage entertainment memorabilia and unique collectibles.  Founded in 1972 by Douglas Hart, Backlot began a modest existence located behind a flower shop and beauty salon, based out of a small garage on Sunset Boulevard, in the heart of Hollywood, California.

Hart, a long-time employee at Warner Bros. in Burbank, spent 40 years in the studio’s purchasing department.  During his employment, he discovered many of the studio’s original scripts, posters and photograph stills were being thrown out.  This prompted him to make arrangements with the studio, which allowed him to keep anything the studio no longer wanted.  Soon after, he began networking with other studios to acquire items they were also discarding. 

Doug HartHart began stock-piling a collection of movie posters, books and scripts from several of the major studios in Hollywood.  Over the years he amassed an inventory larger than he anticipated, including lobby cards, photographs, and studio documents.  This prompted him to share these treasures with fellow movie enthusiasts; and thus, Backlot Books was born. 

Joan CollinsBacklot Books was a hobby business for Hart.  He worked his regular job during the week and was open to the public only on Saturdays in these cramped quarters.  Hart was known most notably for his extensive inventory of original movie posters.  Fans of film, tourists and interior decorators, all flocked to see the array of original items he had for sale.  Some of these pieces dated back to the early 1900s.

Word spread, and before long he was catering to a variety of celebrities including:  Anthony Perkins, Joan Collins (pictured to the right), Matt Dillon, Karen Black and Tab Hunter, all in search of a memento from one of their film or television projects. 

Backlot Movie in HollywoodBacklot Books thrived in its small garage for almost three decades.  In 1999, Hart passed away, after which, former employee, Sabin Gray acquired and relocated the business to a more prominent location at the famed intersection of Hollywood & Vine.  The increased visibility, brought in a slew of new customers, and rejuvenated Backlot Books.

In 2004, Guinness World Records holder, Jack Condon, well-known for the largest collection of Charlie’s Angels memorabilia, became a business partner.  Soon after, Condon incorporated the company as Backlot Movie Memorabilia, and moved it to its current location.  Condon brought a vast knowledge and understanding of collecting.  He has been the sole owner since 2006 and has kept the business alive through the internet, reaching out to collectors around the world with the same sincerity and integrity original owner Douglas Hart offered to customers beginning in 1972. 


A Short History of Backlot Movie Memorabilia